Top 10 most incredible gymnastics stunts from the Olympics so far

I’m going to put out there that gymnastics is by far the most compelling Olympic sport. This, of course, may be attributed to the fact that I’m probably not capable of naming more than five events the tournament has to offer, but, whether your sporting knowledge is comprehensive or lax, we can all recognise that gymnasts are actually on another level. Anyway, though I’m not about to win any athletics trivia prizes, I do watch the tumblr/blogosphere quite closely, and have noticed that in recent times, the web has exploded with a gratuitous display of the most spectacular gymnastics tricks of London 2012 – in gif format no less! Let’s just appreciate (see: destroy any remnants of self-esteem we may have built up this week) for a few minutes the stunts and skills of these otherworldly beings before we go back to our normal lives where the only marathons we compete in are of the TV or binge drinking variety.

Aly Raisman

Introducing you to 18-year-old Massachusetts born Aly Raisman:


The U.S. gymnastics team captain sadly did not qualify for the individual all-round competition in this year’s games, but helped her team become legible to compete and is ranked the fourth best gymnast worldwide. She can also do this:

Gabby Douglas

16-year-old (let’s just briefly consider what we were all doing at that age) Gabby Douglas won the gymnastics individual all-round Olympic gold medal, which, from my extremely limited understanding of the sport, is the pretty much the highest bestest most prestigious award one can win. It probably felt a little like this:

Or this:

And probably a bit of this:

Go Gabby.

Daniel Levya

Cuban-American gymnastics pro, Daniel Levya, is the 2011 world chapion on the parallel bars and took the bronze medal home in this year’s London Olympics Men’s All Around. I can’t image what first looks like.

He’s also cool because he has a nude photo scandal.

Don't look so smug! 

Aliya Fargotovna Mustfina

Aliya Fargotovna Mustfina doesn’t mess around:

The Russian-born 17-year-old gymnastics champion beat out American competitor Aly Reisman to compete for the individual title in this year’s games and has previously taken out the 2012 all-round title winner at the World Gymnastics Championships in Rotterdam as well as the 2009 national Russian balance-beam champion.

Girl got skill.

Lauren Mitchell

Having recently celebrated her 21st, Lauren Mitchell had more than just a tacky costume party and a high school diploma to her name when her birthday rolled around last month.

Let's just watch that again...

The Australian gymnastics Olympic competitor was named the World Champion on floor at the 2010 World Gymnastics Championship and the year before she was named silver medallist on the floor and balance beam. Mitchell was also the second ever Aussie gymnast to win medals at the event and the only ever to take home gold. She’s still nervous for this year’s Olympics though.

Peng Peng Lee

Just because she's a gymnast, Christina ‘Peng Peng’ Lee believes that like rockstars, actors and authors, she too is entitled to a stage name. The Canadian gymnast goes by her Chinese name when competing as it makes her feel like “someone completely different”. Clearly, it works. 

Anonymous alien creatures

I’m not exactly sure who these men are but dear lord they do not make them like this where I come from.


Amelia McGrath

One of ours!

...Not normal.

Oksana Chusovitina

With a career in elite gymnastics spanning over 20 years – longer than most of her rivals have even been alive – the Russian-born gymnast has competed for the Unified Team (1992), Ubzekistan (1996-2004) and Germany (2008-2012). At 37-years-old, she has competed in 10 world championships, three Asian Games, three Goodwill Games and holds the record for obtaining the highest number of world championship medals during a single event. (9, if you were wondering, on the vault).

Look, she's probably an alien/ a DNA experiment gone wrong (right?!) during the Cold War.

Viktoria Komova

Meet Viktoria Komova and let the gifs do the talking. 

All gifs were sourced from gymnasticsgifs, The Atlantic Wire, BuzzFeed and the Internet at large. 

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