Tame Impala NME album of the year, Abbott: modular "robot", Assange "YOLO!" — 10 things

Palestine: solid state

On the back of the Gaza-Israel conflict, the UN General Assembly is due to vote on recognising Palestine as a “non-member observer state.” This is akin to being upgraded to premium economy (i.e.: not quite business class, but at least you get some leg room). If the vote is ‘for’ (the expectation is that it will be), it will raise Palestine’s status as a recognised state. GUESS WHO IS VOTING NO! The USA and Israel are expected to vote no. The first half of this video explains the context:

Tony Abbott: modular “robot

With the PM embroiled in the Slater & Gordon calamity and Tony Abbott milking it for all it’s worth, Julia has hit out at Tony (like they’re spiteful exes) stating that he’s, as the SMH puts it, “too negative, sexist and lightweight to run the country.” JG came out with some provocative doozies:

I note some Liberal strategists are saying they are going to reset him or rebuild him over summer as if he was a robot you could bolt another part on to but this kind of negativity is who he is and that will never change and that will shape the contest in 2013 between me and him… (note she puts herself before “him”)
And; Leadership is about character and if all you can do is complain and divide and dig dirt then you are not a suitable person to run the country … it involves hard-headed policy work … If you want someone to design a complicated policy he'll never get that done; he is incapable of policy heavy-lifting.

No mincing of words there, JG.

Assange: “YOLO”

Wikileaks man, Julian Assange, has an alleged lung infection. Holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has lived in exile for 6 months, Assange downplayed his condition. Apparently he looked fine when he gave an interview… I support him, but I can’t help wondering if it’s part of some scheme to get him the fuck outta Dodge. Assange claims to be enjoying his legal battle between himself, the UK, the USA and Sweden, "I rather enjoy being swept away in the storm of it all. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE so it's important that we do something that is meaningful with our time." I envy you, Assange; I also don’t envy you, Assange.

Man, IBTimes’ Marverine Cole is SO saucy! I want her to read me the news every day.

Teen beheaded for knocking back cousin

Despite our rather high dickhead quotient, at times, Australia is a pretty fine place to live. All our petty problems are rendered null when we look across the sea to other countries where shit is fucked up beyond comprehension. Take, for example, the north of Afghanistan, where a teenage girl named Gaiseena was beheaded for refusing to marry her cousin. Gisa was believed to be “around” 15 years old. She was attacked as she returned home from collecting water at a well. Take 90 seconds to think about this and then sashay over to your “well,” stand around it with your yawning colleagues and complain that you’re… ‘sahh tahrd’ or some shit.

Face-off: pro-Romney facial tatt to come off

Remember the amazing human being who had the Romney logo tattooed on his face? Me neither. Anyhow, apparently 30-year-old Eric Hartsburg vehemently denied that he’d ever remove it. Of course now he’s done an about-face and has decided it needs to come off… “ABOUT-FACE”… anyone? The best part is that the removal takes about 18 months. 10 sessions are needed, each taking a mere 60-90 seconds, but requiring 8 weeks of healing before the next. That will give him two and a half years to contemplate his next political travesty.

Romney: GQ’s ‘Least Influential’ person of 2012

Speaking of Romney, GQ magazine has voted him number 1 in their 25 least influential persons for 2012. They did so scathingly too, “Voting for Romney is like hooking up with the last single person at the bar at 4 a.m. The only successful thing he did this year was [to] embody every black stand-up comedian's impression of a white person.” Wow, I don’t have any love for the guy, but they really don’t like losers over there. We’ve seen this with Romney’s ever-declining FB ‘likes.’ Other strong contenders on the list include Adam Sandler, Madonna, Lance Armstrong and Michelle Obama who tried to get Americans to eat healthfully.

Nintendo Wii U launch

Nintendo’s Wii U console launches today with some stores doing midnight rollouts across the country. Wii U enters a world that has changed dramatically since its predecessor, the Wii, launched exactly 6 years ago. The iPhone has led a revolution in gaming that has seen console sales plummeting. Everyone’s waiting to see if the Wii U’s most significant point of difference, the GamePad with its LCD touchscreen, will be enough to carry see it through in an ‘Angry Birds’ world. Expect to here more about it in the TheVine’s tech section.

Heat wave fries Vodafone network

Photo: Justin McManus

By now, most Voda customers should be quite resilient—they know what it’s like to have poor/no service at times. Yesterday’s searing 39-degree day in Melbourne, that saw yours truly hiding indoors, took out the air conditioning units at a major Melbourne switch. The outage meant “50 per cent of Victorian Vodafone customers and up to 15 per cent of Vodafone customers nationally” could not receive incoming calls. The day’s temperature peaked at 39.2-degrees at 6pm and the failure occurred at 7:45pm. What gets me is that this is a hot country and we know that summer will get very fucking hot. Surely we can design cooling systems to cope!

Two and a Half Men star $300K per episode

Image: Perez Hilton LOL

Only in America! Two and a Half Men star, Angus T. Jones, released a video last week where he pleaded with fans of the show to stop watching it. Stating, “I'm on Two and a Half Men and I don't want to be on it,” Jones created a sensation, partly because “prior to last week very few people knew who he was.” What came out today though is that Jones gets a rather healthy US$300,000 per episode and CONTINUES TO STAR IN IT. The whole issue started up when Jones became a member of a fundamentalist Christian church Forerunner who want to “prepare an army that is willing to share the burden of prayer with Christ…”

Tame Impala wins NME’s album of the Year

Well done Istrahyah! Tame Impala’s Lonerism has been named NME’s album of the year for 2012. Tame Impala is the first band to be given this honour in the 38-year history of the poll and they join the likes of Nirvana and Oasis. I’m loving most of Lonerism’s tracks; they’re like taking nice drugs but only for 4 minutes at a time so you can do them at work—perfect.

[I appreciate that this is old news, but it was news to me! lol awks]

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