Police bust man with 150kg of cheese

A man, with a high lactose tolerance, has been charged after police allegedly found 150kg of cheese in his car.

Officers on patrol in the Sydney suburb of Carlingford in the early hours of Thursday morning stopped a black Ford Focus and found, what they called, "King Cheese" in the back seat and boot. 

Police, who grilled the 31-year-old and his 38-year-old female driver after initially finding drugs in the car, believe the cheese was "stolen or illegally obtained".  

The man has since been charged with for possessing goods suspected of being stolen in connection with the cheese. He has also been booked for the prohibited drugs.

He was refused bail so will no longer be able to enjoy his "night cheese" like so,

Police, who did not confirm the type of cheese obtained in the bust, have since destroyed the haul. 

This story originally appeared over at The Sydney Morning Herald

Yes, it is an actual story. 

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