Photographer tried to warn train driver with camera flash? LOL - 10 things

That Gillard end-of-the-world spoof

You’ve probably seen it already, but the news here is—how many world leaders would do this? FUCK YEAH—ONLY IN AUSTRALIA! When you’re in the ballot box at the next Federal election, ask yourself—would Tony Abbott have done that skit? ... I think you now know who to vote for.

Brubeck dies

Dave Brubeck—you probably don’t know who he is—that’s fine, I’m just judging you right now *dons beret, drinks claret* Best known for his hit Take Five that popularised the 5/4 irregular time signature (thus giving the piece its name), Brubeck was one of the biggest names in jazz history. He also pushed racial boundaries of the once segregated southern states by employing black band members and refusing to play clubs that had all-white policies. Here’s Brubeck and his band playing in Berlin (coolest drummer ever).

Niemeyer dies

You probably don’t know who he is either—that’s fine, I’m still judging you right now. Oscar Niemeyer is considered one of the fathers of modern architecture. He is credited for creations that were far ahead of his time—namely the National Congress of Brazil (above), the Cathedral of Brasília and, actually, the whole city of Brasília. He made Sir Walter Burley Griffin and his Canberra look quite… boring. Niemeyer died a week out from his 105th birthday.


Fugitive John McAfee, wanted for questioning over the alleged murder of his neighbour in Belize, has been arrested in Guatemala. After being on the run for a month, McAfee entered Guatemala to apply for asylum, where he was later arrested for illegal entry to the country. His application for asylum was rejected and he is to be deported to Belize. It’s a rather bizarre tale that, as this interview with his lawyer shows, is only getting more bizarre…

Okay, now he has been rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attack in gaol.

Serbian diplomat casually suicides—BRB

It gets more ‘bizarrer’ though—Branislav Milinkovic, Serbian Envoy to NATO, allegedly threw himself off of a VIP car park building in Brussels. According to witnesses, Milinkovic “strolled” to the barrier of the car park, climbed over and threw himself 10 metres to his death. Nothing suss about a guy with no apparent motives, no problems topping himself. There are yet no reports of high-profile hookers and mafia having any involvement in this plot—but it sure would make a great movie!

Meanwhile in Egypt:

Quick summary, in case you’re not aware: So President Mohammed Morsi is trying to push through a new constitution by way of a referendum. The Left see it as both Morsi’s and his conservative Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to consolidate his power (apparently he’d have a lot of it if the constitution gets through). The anti-constitution crowd and Morsi loyalists have been going at it this week with the police somewhere in the middle firing teargas. Let’s see how things were in Cairo yesterday…

Hmmm, not great, then. Seven people are dead so far; hundreds are injured. And check this Hosni supporter about to king hit a leftie in the head. Nuff said.

Bronze Kims on stallions

How much does it cost to paint your family name on the lips of every rosy-cheeked North Korean in the land? $40M this year alone. Of that $40M, Kim Jong-Un dropped $32M on giant frescoes throughout the country—thirty-two-mamillion-dollars! Of course, no dictatorship is really complete without $9.2M worth of fucking-gigantic-bronze-statues-of-your-dad-and-granddad-atop-rearing-stallions. Sadly, they are not fucking-gigantic-bronze-unicorns.

Policeman: axe to head

Police were called to a property in Sydney’s northwest yesterday afternoon, after residents reported a neighbour was allegedly carrying a crossbow. 17 police arrived on scene where, at some point, Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson became separated from colleagues and received a blow from an axe to the back of his head. Anderson died 2 hours later in hospital. A 19-year-old man and a 42-year-old woman have been arrested. Details are sketchy, but one thing is for sure—the alleged murderer will receive the phonebook treatment from Anderson’s colleagues.

NYC subway pusher charged

Naeem Davis, a homeless man, has been charged with second degree murder after pushing Ki-Suk Han into the path of an oncoming train in New York City subway station. Footage was taken of the two men arguing moments before Mr. Han was pushed. Interestingly, a bystander managed to take a photo of Mr. Han as he clung on to the side of the platform… the photographer claims he didn’t have time to save Mr. Han (takes ages for iPhones to focus?) and that he tried to warn the driver with his camera flash—WWW-TTT-FFF?—lots of discussion ensues!

500 dead, hundreds missing, 200K homeless

I’ve been complaining about my day job all week. Meanwhile, Typhoon Bopha slammed the southern Philippines on Wednesday leaving 200,000 people homeless. But as the cleanup begins, the death toll is rapidly rising with more than 500 reported dead and untold hundreds missing. Shit time for the Philippines. I shall drink to you people.

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