Oddities and curiosities - 8

News Oddities

Three Queenslanders broke into Sea World last Saturday, swam with the dolphins and then stole a penguin named Dirk. I presume there is no hangover remorse quite like waking up the next day, rolling over and finding a confused-looking penguin in bed with you.

One of the true bright spots of Bob Brown's resignation: Tony Abbott was forced to deliver a press conference to pretty much nobody. The loneliest Opposition leader in the world:


Here's a heartwarming one - an Indian man has used Google Earth to locate his family's village, 25 years after he lost his family on a train at the age of five and ended up in the slums of Calcutta. Also, from India: local authorities in Tamil Nadu are offering a $2000 bounty for the body of the vampire who has been sucking the blood of cows in the middle of the night. Not because they believe it, mind, but rather because they're trying to prove that these rumours are being spread by a canny crime outfit trying to keep people off the streets at night. Pretty impressive back-and-forth from both parties really. Now I guess they really just have to hope that no-one decides to kill someone with a stake, attach some fangs and pass it off as a vampire corpse. Because that would be awwwwwkward.

Death of the week this week comes from Brazil, where a trio calling themselves 'Cartel' are accused of luring women into their house with the prospect of a high-paying babysitting job, killing them and then selling them to their neighbours in the form of delicious empanadas. A food truck concept no doubt coming to Melbourne soon.

Youngest birth of the week goes to a girl in Colombia who just gave birth at the age of 10. No prosecutions in the works though, because she's a member of a self-governing indigenous tribe. So, so vexed.

Happy days in El Salvador, where, for the first time in three years, the country of 6 million went a day without a murder being committed. That will probably go in the next tourism campaign.

A British man is claiming that a stroke turned him gay. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his fiance is claiming he was probably always a bit gay and has only just decided to front up about it.

The Atlantic has an exceptional series of pictures from North Korea's celebrations of the 100th birthday of Kim Il-sung. Looks like fun.


Also of interest - scenes of North Korea from a passing train. Pretty fascinating glimpse of a dismal landscape... Which is the nice part of the country.

Joe Hildebrand has a pretty good summation of why exactly the Labor Party is in such a state right now. Contains red-facedness and popping veins.

Scientific Curiosities

A physicist in the States has managed to successfully argue his way out of a speeding ticket by publishing an academic paper entitled "The Proof of Innocence". Oh you arsey bastard.

The Independent explains how Coachella actually managed to bring Tupac back from the dead

So, it's true: you CAN build secret passageways into your houses. Here's 35 of them. Man, I would so love to do this. Especially if I had a kid. Then I'd just hope that one day as he's exploring, he'd take the right book off the shelf, the whole thing would swivel around and then he'd walk down a corridor into a room that contained a single unopened letter, addressed to him, which contained a note that simply read "You're adopted". And then we'd laugh and laugh and laugh. I am going to be such a great dad.

Seems like eating cheese before bed won't give you nightmares. Which is good, because I've got a pre-bedtime kilo of Coon with my name on it at home.

Baboons can read four letter words. So, uh, be careful swearing around them. In print.

To wash your hands or not to wash your hands? A more vexed question than you might think...

Being permanently on the verge of orgasm really does not seem like as much fun as it sounds.

Soviet Arcade Machines look like fun. By which I mean they look utterly dispiriting, which, from what I can understand, was Soviet for "fun".

Not entirely sure how they make this happen – something to do with shutter speed and strobe lighting – but here's a flow of water from a tap made to stay entirely still.

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