Oddities and curiosities - 7

Kind of News

The hugging saint is in Australia! She hugged thousands of people in Melbourne today and is due to hug many more thousands in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the next couple of weeks. Sorry, Perth and Adelaide, just like every good band's tour, hugging only happens on the Eastern seaboard.

A small plane in Australia was forced to make an emergency landing after a snake jumped out of the control panel and on to the pilot. You can probably make your own jokes about this one.

A 19-year-old American guy in Indiana tried to explain to police that the reason he was naked in the street was because it was "Opposite Day". To which the cop replied, “Fine, in that case, you are not going to jail for public indecency”. Zing. Oh, zing.

Jesus' face has been found on the back of a dead stingray. He's really making us work for it these days, isn't he?

Good to see that having to be part of the United States Congress hasn't dulled Al Franken's sense of humour. His latest fundraising email: Women Picking Fruit in Stock Photos Endorse Al Franken.

Hillary Clinton is evidently a fan of new Tumblr sensation, Texts From Hillary, having submitted her own and then actually meeting the creators of the site. Oh, doesn't this just restore your faith in the political process?


As North Korea prepares for the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-sung's birth and the imminent launch of a long-range ballistic missile, South Korea has just imprisoned a North Korean "defector" who attempted to kill a South Korean activist with a poison needle, while Kim Jong-un's regime has invited in a whole suite of foreign press to document the country in the lead up to this historic moment. The resulting photos make for pretty grim viewing. And as testament to the forward thinking, progressive nature of the regime, here's the cameras that they use to capture the evening news.


Speaking of South Korea, here's the re-election video for one of their candidates, called Hongry Birds. It's... Angry Birds themed. Words fail me.

Turkmenistan just held its first ever car race, and President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov (say that five times fast) came down and asked if he could participate. And guess what? They let him! And he won! Because if someone beat him he'd probably skin and eat their first borns! And just so you don't think he only has one skill, here he is shredding on the guitar. What a dude!

There was an apartment fire in Oklahoma. A resident named "Sweet Brown" was on hand to describe the situation to a local news team. I hope she got her cold pop.

Definitely Science

So, turns out beer of itself doesn't actually cause beer belly. It's all the other shit you add to your diet along with the unnecessarily large amounts of beer. Reassuring. I think?

The world's most sensitive scales have been constructed, capable of weighing a xenon atom to the nearest yoctogram. Soon to be found in every home.

1000 ft below the Mexican desert exists not aliens or the final resting place of Walt Disney, but a giant crystal cave, whose ambient temperature of over 50 degrees is enough to make hanging out there decidedly unpleasant.


Speaking of giant holes in the Earth (sort of), here's the Russian town whose major concern is being swallowed by the ground itself.

The world's rarest duck has just given birth to 18 chicks, effectively doubling the population and halving the gene pool. Here's what they look like. ADORBZ.


A Tyrannosaur with feathers? You best believe it. Cuddly and deadly. Like a polar bear. Or a koala with ebola.

A climate change prediction from 1981? And it was actually correct? Guess it's all a false science after all.


Using a wave machine to destroy a Lego pirate boat in the name of science? Sign me up! See, this? This is what they should be teaching in schools.

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