Oddities and curiosities - 14


Canadian gay porn actor kills friend, publishes videos of his dismemberment and then sends the body parts to various locations. Via post. He sent a foot to the Canadian Conservative Party, which is either a very pointed protest or... not a very pointed protest. Ah, those happy-go-lucky Canadians do get up to some scrapes, don't they?

So, the naked Miami face-eater is hardly news by now (although, once again, let us pause and think "What the God almighty is going on"), but here's a handy explanation of why crazy people so often feel compelled to remove their clothes. And the answer isn't "fashion".

Robert Mugabe has been asked to be a "leader of tourism" for Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe is currently under an international travel ban. Robert Mugabe is 88. I'm not sure why he isn't dead yet. Just push him down some stairs or something.

Wedding dramas on the sub-continent! Four men and two women have been sentenced to death for dancing at a wedding in Pakistan, while the marriage of two monkeys in northern India was the subject of a police crackdown. But it's OK - the monkeys ended up getting married in secret, deep in the forest.

North Korea sure knows how to run their country as an incentive-rich environment: do your job well or we'll kill you in a staged traffic accident. This happened to no less than 30 officials last year.

Mitt Romney's iPhone app was released with the word America spelt wrong. I just... how? HOW? In other American political news, the right wing Daily Caller website is giving away a pistol engraved with the Bill of Rights every week between now and the election. Also, someone tried to sell a vial of Ronald Reagan's blood. The bidding hit $30 000 before the auction was cancelled. And apparently Barack Obama really, really liked pot in high school. Quick, to the Choomwagon!


The evolutionary explanation for sexting.

This just in: old people do smell!... Just not as bad as young or middle-aged people. WHAT WHAT?! And yes, this was the result of a rigorous scientific study.

Brushing your teeth after meals? YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. File under: Well, I'll be.

The world's oldest musical instruments have been discovered – two flutes from around 42 000 years ago, fashioned from mammoth ivory. It's not sure what musical culture neanderthals had, but scientists suspect that these flutes were played via the nose.

Weird undersea shit has a new winner, because here comes a mouthless, eyeless undulating blob of flesh. Is definitely not going to eat your face and/or invade your dreams.


Gizmodo has put together a detailed and exhaustive guide to how to completely destroy the Internet. Which doesn't bear thinking about really. We'd have to go back to... reading and watching TV shows when they were actually on TV and going outside. Oh God. The horror.

Fun fact: movie posters often can't be directly distributed to poor countries (probably because they're not actually buying the real films...), so local artists have to make their own interpretations of forthcoming movies. Here's 30 of Ghana's best.


And I'll leave you with some archival NASA footage of astronauts trialling space suits before they were dispatched to the moon. So graceful.

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