Oddities and curiosities - 12

It's Real News

Dem teorrists is everywhere! Jet Blue employees in America pulled an 18-month-old girl off a plane because her name was on the US' no fly list. The parents are of Middle Eastern extraction and the mother wears a hijab. But man, that baby was looking suspicious.

Exceptional Mother's Day fare – a school in NSW somehow ended up giving their students X-rated chocolates to give to their Mums at a Mother's Day morning tea. Quote of the article: "My nine-year-old grandson gave this zip-lock bag to me, put it in my lap and said to me, 'You've got a willy in there Nanny'. Then I had a three-year-old sit down next to me and she said, 'Hey, what's this?' She had this brown chocolate shaped like a penis and was about to eat the top off it. I told her she had better go and talk to her mother." Also enjoyable, it's OUTRAGED SUBURBAN FAMILY LOOKING SAD TIME:


Although, it's not like porn is a particularly recent invention. The earliest rock art ever found has been discovered in a cave in south-eastern France. It's 37 000 years old and, would you believe it, there's a vagina.

One of those stories that just makes you go "How on Earth did this happen?" – Yahoo!, a company that even if its stock has waned slightly remains a global internet heavyweight, fired its CEO last week because it turns out he didn't actually have the Computer Science degree he said he did. Evidently the employee screening isn't all that rigorous when you apply for insanely powerful and well paid positions. He's not being given any severance pay, but he is allowed to keep the $6.5 million in stock options that he earned.

Speaking of CEOs, here's a list of the ten largest CEO payouts of the last decade. Topped by Jack Welch of General Electric who received $417 million.

Great moments in Government bureaucracy: the Pentagon has just issued the report of a study into a study that had been conducted into whether or not the Pentagon was conducting to many studies.

Six Buddhist monks in South Korea have been forced to, I dunno, resign? After video emerged of them drinking, smoking and playing high-stakes poker for 13 hours. The final tally was almost $900 000. But really, what is money in the lie of the material world?

It's Real Science

Goddammit, science, sometimes you really are amazing - a paralyzed woman in the US has used her thoughts to make a robot arm lift a drink to her lips.

The technology is still pretty rudimentary, but researchers have managed to successfully use radio waves to switch on and off specific genes in mice. Coming soon to an iPhone near you.

The 2012 Best Illusions of the Year have been announced. Here's first place. Give me back my hand, you monster!

Set your phasers to sadness, because this is the loneliest whale in the world - a baleen whale without friends, family or community because via some genetic disaster she communicates at a higher frequency than any of her brethren can hear. So she calls and calls and calls and nobody even realises she's speaking.

The largest organism in the world is a tree network named Pando - it's 40 hectares wide, weighs 60 000 tonnes and is 80 000 years old. LIKE YO MAMA.

Good news everybody - a Massachusetts team has discovered which are the best foods to pick up off the ground in accordance with the five second rule. They explored the results at 3, 5 and 10 seconds with bread with jam, cooked pasta, a slice of ham, a plain cookie, and dried fruit. Man, science is great.

Bioluminescent plankton is pretty goddamn beautiful.


A photograph taken on the last flight of the space shuttle Columbia as night falls across Europe and Africa.

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    Friday 18 May 2012 - 3:00 PM
    Hate to be that guy, but it's got to be done to avoid countless FW:FW:FW:FW: emails from parents and grandparents. The "Columbia photo" is not a photo from the shuttle Columbia. It's a digital stitching of several different photographs and isn't a true representation of the view of nightfall.
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    Monday 21 May 2012 - 12:29 PM
    Oh man, why must the Internet lie to me? All I do is love it.
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