Oddities and curiosities - 11


A MI6 spy was found dead, naked and tied up in a sports holdall in his bathtub. Authorities are treating the death as suspicious. Also, bondage related. And here's  a former spy explaining why so many spy deaths occur in weirdly sexual circumstances.

Hitler: cocaine enthusiast! Also arising from his medical papers, now up for auction, Hitler didn't like beer, wanted to add sugar to wine, was on 28 medications at the same time, had semen injections and suffered from uncontrollable flatulence. What a dude.

There's being left for another woman, and then there's being left to live near lesbians in another country who were using your husband's sperm in order to conceive. That's going to take some self-esteem rebuilding.

A man who dressed as his dead mother, replete with lipstick, manicured nails and oxygen tank, in order to pull off a real estate scam has just been convicted in a New York court. He is considered unlikely to receive any reduction in his sentence due to age, infirmity or commitment to concept.

Another charming chapter in the War on Drugs – a 24-year-old student in San Diego was arrested during a drug raid, taken to a holding cell and then forgotten for five days. He drank his own urine to survive. "Don't do drugs, kids, or else the police will make you drink your own pee" has a certain ring to it.

Um. Drugs confiscated in South Korea made from dead babies. I... whoa.

Lawsuit of the Week: A Californian man is suing BMW because the seat of one of their motorcycles has given him a 20 month erection. Word is, BMW are expecting a stiff penalty.



Science! (And some other less science-y stuff)

Live tweeting has hit a brave new high, with a Chinese zoo live tweeting the artificial insemination of a panda. Includes such riveting updates as "Dr. Desheng and Dr. Comizzoli are inserting a thin tube about 12 inches into Mei filled with sperm. #pandaAI http://pic.twitter.com/kRtzob5r". Delightful.

We may not be the first people to artifically warm the Earth – a new scientific paper suggests that farting dinosaurs may have been responsible for the warm, wet Mesozoic era. Yes, we are the new farting dinosaurs. I don't know how I feel about that.

Potentially the unlikeliest pregnancy of all time: girl performs oral sex, swallows sperm on an empty stomach, gets involved in a knife fight, suffers knife wound to abdomen, sperm transfers from gastrointestinal tract to uterus, girl gets pregnant. Further complicating matters: girl does not have a vagina.

Every 14 days a language dies. Please, won't you think about the languages?

Fascinating explanation as to why creating a vaccine for HIV has proved so elusive.

An incredible series of photos from the now destroyed Walled City of Kowloon, formerly the most densely populated place on Earth, with 50 000 people crammed into 300 interconnected buildings, none of which were built with the aid of an architect.


This insect uses the bodies of its enemies as armour. That is grim, but so fucking cool.


Um. Well, here's a video of vocal chords in action. Alright, I'm going to say it: this looks like a demon talking vagina.

And finally, ferrofluids are going to make your mind melt. There is no computer animation involved in this video. Here's a more detailed explanation of the science behind it.

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