Oddities and curiosities - 10

It's Real News

Things I didn't think that New York state authorities would have to regulate: the sale of black bear gall bladders. Says one (legitimate) operator: ""We have some people come in to by 20 galls or more, and obviously they're a dealer. We also have Ma and Pa come up, and they'll buy two galls. That's obviously for their own consumption." Ma and Pa love their galls they do.

A follow up to last week's heart-warming tale of the man who had to be rescued by police because he was trapped on the balcony by a German woman who refused to stop having sex with him: another man was found crying on the street after the same woman picked him up on a bus and forced him to have sex for 36 hours. His quote: "I met her on a bus... She invited me back here. Oh God, it was hell. I can't walk. Please help me".

A former business partner of Mitt Romney is just about to release a book wherein he explains exactly why the rest of us middle- and working- class schmoes should be grateful to the ultra-ultra-wealthy. That should go down well.

In honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the people of Gloucester, in accordance with Medieval tradition, are taking a kilo of blood-sucking lampreys (now imported from Michigan as they've died out in local waters), boiling them in a mixture of vinegar, cinnamon and the lamprey's own blood and then baking them into an over-sized pie for the Queen to eat. Rumours that this is all an elaborate practical joke are, as yet, unfounded.

Hey, have you heard about the new video game that everyone's going crazy about? No, not the new Call of Duty. It's Walden: The Video Game. Wherein you get to wander around Walden Pond and reflect on the nature of contemporary existence, just like Henry Thoreau did. And then fight off a horde of zombies with a chainsaw, just like Henry Thoreau did. That last part may or may not be true.

Vale William Pace, the world record holder for living with a bullet in one's head, who died this week at the age of 103. He spent 94 years and six months of those 103 years with a bullet lodged behind his left ear. A shining example to children equipped with high-powered firearms everywhere.

Crime of the Week: a man has been arrested for allegedly training a semi-automatic weapon on another man and demanding he do the Moonwalk. Guy is still obviously struggling with the death of the King of Pop.

Attempted Crime of the Week: a Victorian man stole a schnitzel and two cans of pet food from a Launceston supermarket at gunpoint and then rolled his vehicle at a roundabout while trying to adjust the schnitzel he'd subsequently stuffed down his pants.

Chinese sinkholes = SERIOUS BUSINESS.

It's Real Science

Another great moment in the annals of "let's feed animals drugs and see what happens" – scientists have worked out that zebrafish on mescaline are more sociable than those who haven't taken the drug. And aren't we all richer for knowing that? Classify next to bees on cocaine dance more vigorously.

While we're talking about bees, here's the breed of bees that sucks tears from your eyes. They particularly like it if you're crying cocaine.

Researchers have discovered humanity's most distant evolutionary relative: a billion-year old single cell organism with four tails. I shall call him Henry.

Yes, the internet is rewiring your brain. No, that's not a bad thing.

A graph of the brain function of a high school student over the course of an average week. I, for one, enjoy the fact that his neural activity during class is on par with his neural activity when he's sleeping.

This sounds scientifically rigorous: a laser has been attached to a shark. So that they can, um, say they've attached a laser to a shark I guess.

Coming soon to a genital lubricant near you: the mucus from pig's stomach linings. Apparently the anti-viral properties of said mucus are unprecedented. Just don't think about it. Close your eyes and think of England, etc.

A link between homophobia and homosexual tendencies? Now there's scientific proof! Oh God that's sweet.

And I'll leave you with this beyond-stunning time lapse video taken in Yosemite National Park. CAN YOU TASTE THE WONDER?

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