News you can use - Army officer told raped cadet to 'suck it up'


More sexual assault LOLs for the Australian Defence Force with reports that a cadet who was raped while serving was told to "suck it up" by her commanding officer. I think the phrase is "not a good look". This was just one of many tales to emerge in the wake of the story earlier in the week about the girl who was unknowingly filmed having sex with another cadet. Meanwhile, the ADF is pissed at Stephen Smith, the Defence Minister, for getting involved. Probably a reasonable indicator he's doing something right, then.

Ricky Nixon has decided he will stay out of football
after receiving a two year management ban for, well, having sex with a 17 year old girl. Who he probably also fed cocaine too. Him and Berlusconi should hang out.

Andrew Bolt will have his own TV show as of the beginning of May
. I'm pretty sure this event was included in the final book of the Bible as one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

The US Government looks like it's about to go into full shutdown after a week's worth of frantic negotiations failed to resolve long-standing budgetary disputes between the Republicans and Democrats. One does wonder, at times like this, if perhaps the people of America begin to relaise exactly how important the Government actually is, after every Government office, no matter how major or minor, is shut down en masse. This includes national parks, welfare offices and the White House itself. And in 1995 it led to Monica Lewinsky banging Bill Clinton too, so, really, who knows what might happen. A deal is, from all reports, closer than it was at the start of the week, but the likelihood of it arriving in the next 24 hours seems slim.

Wow. A heavily armed man in Brazil broke into his old school yesterday and proceeded to kill 10 children
before shooting himself. A note found on his body said that he was suffering from AIDS and wanted to die, but shit man, there have got to be easier ways of doing it. A tragedy.

NATO's involvement in the Libya conflict took a further turn for the worse yesterday after suggestions they attacked a rebel convoy, killing five people. I mean, on the plus side, at least they're flying sorties again, but this is not filling one with confidence about the effectiveness of the mission as Gaddafi's forces continue to make gains in the country's east. Elsewhere in the region, Bahrain, with the active involvement of the visiting Saudi army, has become next best thing to a police state, with mass arrests, torture, killings and everything. So, that seems like a sustainable long term response.

It might just be wishful thinking, but I'm quietly confident the Ivory Coast will resolve itself at some point over the weekend. For now, though, DEADLOCK.

Japan's rescue and reconstruction project was hampered yesterday by a 7.1 magnitude aftershock in the Miyagi prefecture. Which, under normal circumstances, would probably be newsworthy in its own right, but, you know... The big one. Here's footage of the aftershock hitting Sendai.


Federal politics is definitely a less entertaining place for the absence of people like Paul Keating, that is, Parliamentarians who were perfectly willing to call a spade a fucking shovel. Here's a letter from Keating in 2008 to the man who has now become the leader of the NSW Labor Party, John Robertson, in which he, amongst other things, predicts both the defeat of the Party at the last election and Robertson's destruction of the Iemma Premier-ship. Includes such choice phrases as "[L]ike a banshee on a rampage, you tore at the Government's entrails" and "If the Labor Party's stocks ever get so low as to require your services in the Parliamentary leadership, it will itself, have no future" and, finally, "I am ashamed to share membership of the same party with you". Deep burn.

Nobel Prize-winning economist, Joseph Stiglitz, on the perils of inequality
and the general absurdity that, at least in America, the richest 1% have connived to receive some 25% of the nation's wealth.


A Georgian woman managed to cut off all internet access in Armenia for a full five hours after cutting the country's only axial cable whilst scavenging for copper.

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for your Friday Wiki-hole: an interactive map of all the world's wars, battles and conflicts from the year 4000BC to the present. Haven't heard of 1818's Battle of Gqokli Hill? Now you have!


Because it's Friday, you get the SAD video: the mayor of the Japanese town of Minamisoma - ravaged by the tsunami and inside the Fukushima evacuation zone - broadcasting a plea for help to the world after being largely ignored by the Japanese government. Although, in happier news, apparently the response has been quite remarkable.

And the HAPPY video: it's a cow that has been taught how to jump. It's an abomination against God, but I like it! Also, do you think this is the best day of that reporter's life, or the worst?

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