Melbourne’s own Renton Millar wins Copenhagen Pro Vert

I don’t think an Australian skater has won an event of this calibre this century, but Renton Millar came through on Saturday beating the pretty much unbeatable Rune Glifberg in front of a Danish home crowd. Rune has won this event pretty much every year! Well done Rentos! I know you are probably wearing one blinging “hangover suit” today, and I hope you didn’t get too big a visit from Sir Absinthe last night. You can check Rentos’s runs here, and instead of a congratulations message, post a joke in the comments section of this post. Rentos is a big fan of bad jokes, especially Aussie ones. What did Rentos have to say about his win? My guess is: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, nah, nah, nah I’m stoked!”
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