Louis CK does Woody Allen and it's okay to shoot black people in Florida - 10 things to know

In news that will shock approximately no one, a Neilson Poll shows that Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull are the preferred leaders of their respective parties.  Rudd is preferred as Prime Minister over Abbott 59-37 (compared to Gillard who loses to Abbott 42-50 ), while Turnbull is preferred to Abbot 61-34%. Hello, national politics? Are you listening to this?


The Jubilee is still a thing that is happening. Our insider in England described the regatta boats as “jolly lovely” and then told us a bunch of made up stuff about the Royal Family he would be mortified if I published. Anyway, there are lots of photographs… everywhere. The entire internet is full of them. Not everywhere? Prince Phillip. He is in hospital with a bladder infection. 


Just as anniversary-y (and even more fashion-y!), it’s the fiftieth anniversary of the awkwardly named Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA for short, because, just like Coco said, before you go out, you should take off two ofs). Fashionista has a lot of fun pictures of the awards over the years, including a bunch of Anna Wintour looking like a baby.


Finally, something interesting to come out of Florida that has nothing to do with eating people!* But is just as terrible! It has been revealed by the Tampa Bay Times that 73% of people who kill a black person under Florida’s “stand your ground” laws walk free. 73%! The number who walk free after shooting a white person under the same law is 59%. 


Speaking of racial discrimination, have you noticed how everyone on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is white? So have a bunch of people who are not white and were rejected from the show. They filed a class action against ABC, who are defending their casting decisions on the basis of the First Amendment.  America: where under representation is protected by freedom of speech.


After 75 years, a jar of anti-freckle cream and new technology that allows for the better locating of radio signal data has seemingly solved the Amelia Earhart mystery. Turns out she stayed alive on Nikumaroro Island for a time after her plane had crashed, along with her copilot Fred Noonan.


An airline crash in Nigeria has killed at least 153 people (all who were on board the flight). The disaster occurred in a populated area, so there is still a significant chance more bodies will be found as clean up of the wreckage commences. The airliner belonged to domestic carrier Dana Air.


In less heartbreaking news, even spies think sharing is cool. They’ve donated two super powerful telescopes to NASA for astronomy purposes now that they no longer need them for actual spying. Daww! Thanks guys 


350 Mormons marched for gay rights during Utah’s annual pride parade yesterday, with even more who had been watching from the sidelines joining in as the LDS procession cruised past. 


Finally, zeitgeist-y truth speaker Louis CK, he of the cripplingly honest and incisive monologue, has been cast in Woody Allen’s latest film. He’ll be acting alongside Alec Baldwin and Cate Blanchett. To say we’re looking forward to seeing how this one pans out is a huge understatement.


*speaking of eating people, the Canadian porn star who ate his boyfriend was caught at a Berlin café reading articles about himself, don’t you feel just so great for being interested right now?

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