LinkedIn hacked, Seven says 'I do' to marriage equality and slum's top models - 10 things

Do you have a LinkedIn account, like a srs bsnss person? Well, you might want to change your password this morning. Russian hackers may have dumped over 6.5 million encrypted passwords from the site onto the web, and there are teams of “cyber criminals” (and bored teenagers) working on cracking the data right now. The reason for this attack is yet to be revealed.


Remember that fun thing about the euro where everyone was freaking out of Greece, because Greece was secretly code for Spain, and Spain is one of the largest economies in the eurozone?   Guess what guys! Spain is pleading with the rest of the eurozone to save its banks, without having to take a Government bailout that will increase Spain’s national debt. If a solution to the banking crisis in Spain can’t be found post haste, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warns the euro could dissolve in as little as four months. And you know that’s going to hurt.


Sunrise and Marie Claire have teamed up today in what may well be the most populist, commercial, cheery faced demonstration in favour of Marriage Equality anywhere ever. The women’s glossy and the Channel Seven morning show have encouraged their audiences, including high profile stars like Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale, to come out to Martin Place and Bourke Street this morning to say “I do” for the cause. The fact that this is even happening shows how much support gay marriage has in this country (majority support people). Not surprisingly, Christian lobbies are pitching a shit fit.


Mitt “Amercia” Romney’s push for the White House has had another oopsie-doop, as his latest campaign advertisement features not a single person of colour. Not, a single, one. Obama isn’t having a great week either, with unemployment numbers soaring, a crushing defeat in Wisconsin’s gubernatorial recall and dramas over climate change, but at least he hasn’t alienated over 20% of the US’s population in one pale swoop. 

Almost as white as Romney’s campaign are the authors of books reviewed in the New York Times. 90% of them. After some bloggers revealed the Grey Lady’s literary section was pretty sexist, The Rumpus looked into it and found it’s pretty racist too.  

At least 70 have died in the Syrian village of al Qubayr, many killed execution style, after an attack by an armed pro-Government group and security forces.

In an extremely suspect attempt to raise the “self-esteem” of those living in Brazilian favelas, Gisele Bundchen will return to her home country to help out on a “Top Model” style show open exclusively to slum residents.  How plucking a handful of beautiful girls from poverty and making them compete for modeling contracts is supposed to have any impact on long term, systemic inequality, or hell, even self esteem, is beyond me, but there you go. To add further fuel to the controversy, racial tensions in Brazil run tight, and when it comes to judging a beauty competition with a lot of mixed race competitors, they could be stretched to fraying point.


We may not have seen it in Sydney yesterday, due to the miserable weather, but the Transit of Venus is a thing that happened, and NASA released a great high def video for those playing at home.


Is being a single girl in Australia, with our proven man drought and all that other malarkey, getting you down? Well, the New York Times has nine good reasons to immigrate state-side, in a gallery of rich, single tech execs. Some of them are even cute, and no, they’re not all white.You bitches keep your hands off Pete Cashmore though, he's mine.

That being said, if you do land in America, you’ll have to listen to the number ones we’ve been hearing in Australia for months and months. While Gotye is still maintaining an iron grip on the Billboard’s top spot, Vulture have high hopes for Carly Rae Jespen, who we were onto ages ago.

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    Or, how about immigrate state-side to become a rich, single female exec? There's evidence that in US cities at least, girls under 30 now out-earn guys. Decades of far more girls graduating college than guys, will tend to do that.,8599,2015274,00.html
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