Israeli PM Requests Ice Cream Allowance, Is Denied

You know when you were young and you had important conversations with your bestie that went something like, "When I'm prime minister, I'm going to have my own budget for ice cream"? (Don't lie, you still talk like this).

Benjamin Netanyahu is just like you. With one exceptional difference: he IS the prime minister of Israel.

And earlier in the week, he took a step towards fulfilling what was no doubt a childhood dream: he requested a NIS10,000 (US$2,700) government allowance to spend on sweet sweet frozen treats.

If it wasn't for the nosy media telling him to cool it, he would have scored.

The Times of Israel reported, "The Prime Minister’s Residence had already spent NIS 3,000 [$814 US] on ice cream by May of last year, and therefore filed a special request for budgeting thousands of shekels more for ice cream from a nearby shop that Netanyahu especially liked."

But believe it or not, conflict-ridden Israel has more important things to spend money on than ice cream given that the country's budget deficits are of huge concern, such that the outgoing governor of the Bank of Israel estimated the government would need to increase taxes and cut spending by $2 billion dollars each way to cover its deficit.

So even though the sorbet stipend was supposedly to cover guests to his residence throughout the year, Benji looked a little bit greedy. Once the word got out that he'd been awarded the allowance, a media frenzy followed and he was forced to retract it, deeming it "extravagant and therefore unacceptable," according to Israeli paper Haaretz.

The sum would have bought him 167 kilograms of the cold stuff, his favourite flavours including pistachio and vanilla sorbet.

It was an ice (cream) try.

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