Israel-Hamas war special, priest slips kid a rufie - 10 things

Note: the header pic isn't from yesterday's stoush, but it sure sets the scene.

Israel precision strike takes out Hamas military leader

Israel and Hamas appear to be at war and this is the footage that kinda sparked it off (you can argue that Hamas started it with their rockets into Israel... but then you could argue that it's a continuation of conflict that has been raging for 60 years). The footage shows the Israeli strike on Hamas’ military commander, Ahmed Al-Jabari and his son as they drove along a city street yesterday. The war porn details an amazingly accurate missile strike that leaves the target a mere shell (below).

Israel and Palestine’s Hamas in ‘Open War’

Associated Press’ Aron Heller gives us a concise account of just what is happening between Israel and Palestine.

Heller points out that ground war is an option they’re looking out for, meanwhile reports: “An IDF spokesperson says 30,000 reserve soldiers could be called to participate in Gaza operation, Haaretz reports.”

Naw, joy to the world!

Twitter: Pillar of Defence

Elliott Carver, James Bond’s nemesis in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ (1997) who provoked war to sell newspapers, would be loving how events are unfolding in the Gaza strip. Not only did Israel launch Operation Pillar of Defence yesterday, but also they did so via Twitter. They’ve also been taunting Hamas:

We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead.

Naturally, Hamas is using Twitter in a bid to control its side of the story. Check this tweet (WARNING: ACTUAL CHILD CORPSE IMAGE LINK):

#Israel's military kills #Palestinian children in cold blood in #Gaza, shelling civilians & populated areas #Humanrights

Shit is blowing my mind—wartime propaganda is now delivered in real time. Of course, the Israeli campaign is a blend of new age and old school—they’ve dropped leaflets for those Palestinians who don’t have Internet access—now that’s thoughtful! Ultimately, Israel is going to win any propaganda war—check this clip on the Guardian website. It illustrates the gulf between the two parties: Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu delivers his talk in English like he’s just stepped out of a New York deli; Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum & leader Sami Abu Zuhri deliver their talks in Arabic.

Netanyahu apparently thanks Obama: deletes tweet

Unclear whether or not this is by Netanyahu, but it’s certainly interesting. The tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted. The US openly supports Israel (Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation by the US), but, if it was real, the Guardian post suggests that the tweet was far more provocative than mere thanks.

Anonymous weighs in on Gaza war

In response to their reactive attacks on Gaza, Hacktivist group Anonymous have attacked Israeli websites and, in at least one case, have posted a warning on an I.D.F. blog to Israel—that they must cease fire. Furthermore, after the Israeli government threatened to cut off Internet access to Gaza (which to me demonstrates the absolute power they have over the region), Anonymous warned Israel to reconsider and followed up with this message to the folks in Palestine:

Know that Anonymous stands with you in this fight. We will use all our resources to make certain you stay connected to the internet and remain able to transmit your experiences to the world.

Fucking interesting, wouldn’t you say?

NZ: 13 year-old pleads guilty to murder

Okay, enough talk of death—let's talk about New Zealand! Oh, actually... so, we all lose our shit now and then, but 13 year-old Jordan Nelson took his shit-loss a step too far. After 50 year-old Rosemaree Kurth took Jordan’s Freeview TV receiver out of his room, Jordan loaded up a .22 calibre rifle, that Ms. Kurth’s partner had taught him to use, and shot her in the back of the head as she worked on a jigsaw puzzle.

China frets over US ties with Australia

Naturally, the world’s most populous country is concerned that Australia and the US are forging stronger ties (i.e.: Australia is a US launch pad)… and why does the PM kiss Aust. Defense Minister, Stephen Smith? Is that even normal?

Asia key to future success: Gillard

But hang on Australia… didn’t you just bend over backwards for America? Oh, I get it, you’ve got to balance relations between your wartime bum-chum and your peacetime cash cow, China. Obviously Asia is a big place, but when we think Asia and we trade with Asians, essentially China is whom we mean. Anyway, awkward Australia!

Catholic priest allegedly drugged and raped 12yo boy

Dear god (note: am not actually praying), how about I just post the link to the story and you can read it yourselves? Two priests slipping the same kid rufies on separate occasions? ONE LEMONADE; ONE FANTA? Using video games as the lead-in activity? Priest’s name is RAPson? As an ex-Roman Catholic homosexual, I think I’m fully qualified to say—the Catholic Church is absolutely fucked. Next/last story…

2GB’s post-Alan Jones losses

Following Alan Jones’ terrible remark that Julia Gillard’s father “died of shame,” 2GB estimates that it incurred losses of “up to $1.5 million” as advertisers cancelled, deferred or moved their advertising spend. That’s advertisers putting their money where his mouth’s not (did that play work)? Anyway, sucks to be you Alan—it really sucks to be you.

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