Indian rape victim suicides, shark tank explodes, Labor to win - 10 things

The Zuckerberg leak </how embarrassing 2.0>

Or ‘When Interwebs Attack’.

Welcome home mate—Strayah pulls out of Afghanistan

Finally, we’re bringing our good troops home from the no-one-remembers-why-it-started war. Oh wait, The Courier Mail sums it up here: Australian troops were first deployed to Afghanistan in November 2001 as part of a US-led, multi-national force to oust the Taliban and hunt for al-Qaida leader Osama bin-Laden in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks. Ahh, that’s right! Anyway, Australian troops will be moved home over the coming year, with some having left already. Who’s war will we fight next?

Turnbull: lying is easy

“It has never been easier to get away with telling lies. It has never been easier to get away with the glib one liner.” Gee Malcolm, did you clear this one with the boss? Glib one-liners are core to his strategy. And I particularly like this quote; “… the media has got to the point where they are so cynical about politics that they do not expect politicians to tell the truth.” No-fuck-ing-shit-Sher-lock, Australian politics has never been dirtier. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the point of Turnbull’s talk is.

ALP to win 52.5% vs. L-NP 47.5%

Speaking of 'The Media'… I can’t find any reference to this story anywhere. Is it not news? A Roy Morgan poll, released on the 19th of December this year, shows that the ALP is up 5-percent and the Lib-Nats are down by the same margin. If Australia went to the polls today, Labor would win with its biggest lead in two years. Roy Morgan points to the Liberal campaign against Gillard for her alleged slush fund wrong doings and how it was a failure due to lack of evidence. That and the fact that Australia’s economy is still relatively rock solid in spite of the rest of the world turning to shit. Plus iron ore exports are up. Plus the Carbon Tax seemingly being validated after the Doha Summit. PLUS 63% of voters disapprove of Tony Abbott as Opposition Leader.

I personally hold no hope for being released: Warren Rodwell

You don’t need to know Warren Rodwell to know his is the face of a broken man. “… I do not trust the Australian Government, I just don’t trust anyone. Personally—I don’t care.” Contrast the man in the video above to the man in the video below. You need to push some shit up a hill, Julia!

Grandson charged with arson and double murder

Ross Konidaris, a 24-year-old man, is accused of murdering his grand parents, Triantafillio and Stavroula Konidaris and setting their house alight on Saturday. In court yesterday, the accused was not asked to enter a plea. Rightly, his lawyer has requested a psychiatric evaluation. Konidaris will remain in custody until a hearing on April 18th. His mother posted on Facebook that, “Christmas will never be the same.”

Indian rape victim suicides

A 17-year-old Indian girl who was raped two months ago by two men (other reports say three), committed suicide on Boxing Day. After reporting the incident to police, the victim and her family were harassed by her attackers. Her and her family were forced to go into hiding after repeated intimidation from the rapists. Furthermore, it is alleged that police and village elders pressured the girl to drop the charges. The unnamed girl poisoned herself and was rushed to hospital where she died that night. The story comes as angry protesters continue to demand action over the gang rape of a woman on a bus earlier this month.

Police chase armed gunman

Staying in the western suburbs of Melbourne, police are hunting a man who is allegedly armed with a gun. A suspicious-acting man, “aged in his 30s with moderately long hair and wearing industrial clothing?” HALF OF MELBOURNE SUSPECTED! Anyway, I hopefully this matter is sorted out ASAP so I can get to my favourite Vietnamese bakery.

Goodbye Metcard

This Sunday Victorians bid farewell to Metcard, Victoria’s 16-year-old paper ticketing system, as it gives way to the $1.5B smart card travesty known as, Myki. Why is this relevant to a national audience? Just remember, when you complain about that the ticketing system in your city—it was certainly a fraction of the projected ($1,500,000,000) that Myki will cost the Victorian tax payer and quite probably performs better. Oh and should you visit us, that’ll be six bucks thanks—THEN you can put money on a card you’ll use four times—sorry, not sorry. Oh, you’re also fucked if you want to top up with cash WHILST YOU’RE ON THE ACTUAL TRANSPORT. Myki—a good reason to drive.

Footage: Shark tank explodes in Shanghai shopping mall

Three sharks dead.

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