Godless, bisexual politician's bibleless oath & guns don't kill people—BATS DO! - 10 things

Godless, bisexual politician swears oath without bible

OMFG—what is the world coming to?! No bible was used as Arizona congressperson Kyrsten Sinema was sworn into office this week. Instead, Sinema opted to swear on a copy of the Constitution, which, to my small mind, is an act more in accordance with Thomas Jefferson’s wall of separation between church and state than oathing on the good book. Sinema claims not to be an atheist, rather, she lists her religion as “none” and is the first congressperson to do so. That Sinema is also the first openly bisexual congressperson makes this dish so much spicier. It gets more amazing though—Sinema was a social worker for seven years!

Snake on a plane: cue endless movie references

A Qantas flight to Port Moresby had an unexpected passenger in a 3-metre python. Despite being exposed to freezing temperatures, the Python clung on and survived its ordeal.

Gun control: nutcase Alex Jones and the “little factoids

If you only watch one video on this page—let it be this one. Alex Jones, a Texan who likes guns, “debates” with CNN’s Piers Morgan on the issue of gun control. At the 3-minute mark, this video is brilliant— whilst Piers should have taken more control of the debate, he doesn’t, thus allowing Jones to go on a tirade. Jones is a fucking nutcase who, in the defense of military style, semi-automatic weapons, mentions the following: Perry Mason, great white sharks, foreigners, Chairman Mao, banning fists, iron bars, Prozac, infections in hospitals, The Republic (as if it’s still a power), suicide, a tyrannical government and more. The startling gulf between the 11,000 people murdered by guns per year in the USA and the 35 people murdered in the UK, where semi-automatic guns are banned, is completely lost on Jones.

Best quotes:

“Great white sharks kill 5 people a year!”

“America was born on guns and whiskey—it’s true we’re a violent society!”

“Knives, bats, rocks kill… many times more [people]!”

“It’s brains—it’s people! If you punched me right now, it’d be not your fist but your brain that did it!”

But the bizarreness tops out where Jones mocks Morgan’s English accent, calls him a foreigner, a red coat and mentions some shit about Communists.


Found this deconstruction on Twitter. It picks up on some of the same points and more :)

Save the whales… no really, please save them

Richard Branson is amongst those calling on Canadian authorities to save a pod of killer whales that is stranded under ice near a Inukjuak, a fishing village in Quebec. This footage shows the seemingly distressed members of the pod in a continuous cycling of breaching through a relatively tiny 10m hole in the ice. Warning, the U2 backing track may cause distress to some viewers.

Victoria is very flammable today

“Extreme fire danger” is forecast for the Wimmera and north-central regions of Victoria today, with temperatures in some areas of the state due to exceed 40ºC. Authorities urge “people in at-risk areas to be prepared and have a fire plan, to listen to the radio and to use the CFA website and the Bushfire Information Line.” Stay cool folks and leave nothing to chance.

Fires to ‘go gangbusters’ in NSW amidst budget cut criticism

Meanwhile, as NSW fires are predicted to “go gangbusters” today with high temperatures and approximately 100 fires still burning across the state, the NSW state government is facing criticism from the Rural Fire Service over budget cuts to emergency services. Total expenditure on the RFS fell $20 million between the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 budgets. The state government has ordered the RFS to further reduce labour costs by $12 million over four years, which could lead to 120 redundancies.

Man tracks iPhone thief and films takedown

After Greg Torkelson’s iPhone was allegedly stolen at a reggae concert last month and after repeated attempts to contact the thief, he decided to track the phone down using Find iPhone, an Apple app that can locate a registered Apple device. As this clip shows, the showdown takes place on a beach as Torkelson confronts and then wrestles with the alleged thief. Torkelson’s friend films most of the scuffle which comes to an end when an off duty police officer comes to sort shit out.

Czech Republic presidential candidate covered head-to-toe in tatts

There are few places in the world where a man literally covered in tattoos could run for president. What is even more amazing is that, Vladamir Franz is actually in the running—he’s currently coming third. Franz admits that he “has no political experience and confesses to little knowledge of economics.” I do hope he wins—it’d be a great spectacle to see him at a table talking with Merkel and Cameron.

Scientific amazeballs: wrinkly fingers increase underwater grip

This has rocked my world—apparently, the wrinkles we get on fingers, when they’re exposed to water, aren’t directly due to the water logging effects of the water. Instead, scientists suspect the wrinkles are a result of a nervous function that causes blood vessels to constrict. The theory is that the wrinkles increase our grip on objects underwater by channeling water away from the contact point and improving the overall coverage of our fingertips.

The $1Tn coin

Oh, this is possibly the best visualisation of the much touted $1 trillion coin yet. “Can anyone break a trilly?”

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