Durex Invents Remote Control Foreplay with 'Fundawear'

Long distance lovers, your sexual longings may be on their way to being artificially remedied.

Durex has burst into the world of fashion with its launch of 'Fundawear'.

And as its video suggests, those tension-loaded Skype dates - or, hell, hornbags, maybe even just the dull commute home - sure could be about to get a whole lot more fun with the introduction of underwear that allows your partner to 'touch' you in all the important places by tracing their fingers on an iPhone.

"Technology these days is a lot about how things are combined in unique ways," Ben Moir, the project's tech director.

Indeed. It seems nobody's wired an array of small, flat touch sensors through a bra for sexytimes before. In fact, the transfer of touch over vast distances is being touted by Durex as a world first achievement.

The intensity with which you touch your phone, as well as the speed and direction, is directly felt in your lover's lingerie or underpants as your phones "talk" to each other (cute). 

If you can bear to watch the awkward "couple trial" video, it certainly seems to work for both participants.

Now that's one handy (touchy, feely) invention.

To be part of the "Durexperiment" and win some Fundawear, you can enter the competition on Facebook.

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