Attack of the drones, Ambassador Wintour and British PM leaves child in pub - 10 things

We’ve all been there, waiting desperately by the gates as the last parents’ car pulls away, alone and confused, fearing that the day has finally come that you’ve pushed your family too far. That this time, they won’t pick you up. No? Just me. Well, it turns out I am alone  no longer, as British Prime Minster David Cameron confessed to press recently that he left his daughter in a pub by accident. He and his wife, who had travelled to the pub in separate cars, both assumed Nancy, 8, was travelling with the other parent. While this mistake is so easily done it has become a sit-com staple, the fact that David Cameron has just launched a parenting education initiative makes it a little awkward. 


Traces of the announced bailout of Spain’s banks, which saw markets rise a little yesterday, have already fizzled from the European markets, with most closing flat or very slightly lower than previous days.


Things aren’t much better in the United States, where it has just been announced by the Fed that close to $50,000 has vanished from the average net worth of an American family. In 2007 the average family was worth $126,000, and now it’s a mere $77,300. 


In news that will surprise approximately no one who has even eye-balled an inner city Sydney private school lately, the majority of the student bodies at such institutions are typically white and English speaking. This is in stark contrast to Sydney’s selective public schools, like high achieving James Ruse where 96% of the student population now come from homes where languages other than English are spoken.


Wristbands handed out at Coldplay concerts, designed to flicker in time to the music, have flickered eerily back to life in the homes of concerned concert go-ers. In a quote that is not at all reassuring in the possibilities it raises, the souvenir’s manufacturer told the Independent: "There's no mind control or tracking, they are just for fun." 



Over the past few months there have been several security leaks in Washington related to the way Obama is conducting the war on terror. This information includes everything from Drone attacks to espionage campaigns, and, because the information makes Obama look like he knows what he’s doing, for the most part,  the GOP are now accusing the Whitehouse of having released the information themselves. Former presidential candidate Senator John McCain is calling for a special independent committee to investigate. Speaking of drones,

one just crashed into a field in Maryland.


Ahead of July elections, 90,000 students and young people have gathered in the streets of Mexico to protest against the poll-leading party. Many of Mexico’s youth back current, left wing governing party, PAN. Mexico also happens to have some pretty incredible looking suburbs. 


Anna Wintour’s impressive fundraising efforts for  Obama have sparked rumours that the editrix may have her eye on an ambassadorial position in London. In a revelation that is significantly more troubling than the idea of a seasoned businesswoman like Wintour getting into politics, The Guardian explains that the role of Ambassador in London is usually handed out each presidential term as a reward for fundraising services rendered. Is that not a little gross?


Showtime has picked up two new “high end” drama pilots to debut next year. One, Donovan, is about a Hollywood fixer played by Liev Schreiber, and the other, which sounds amazing, stars Michael Sheen and my ultimate wife Lizzy Caplan as pioneering sex researchers, and is sexxxily titled Masters of Sex.

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