A gift guide for Mr Uncomplicated

Guy Gift Guide 2014

A show of hands please from those who receive a monosyllabic answer or shrugged shoulders when asking the man in your life what they would like Santa to bring them... Here are 10 things Mr No Fuss, No Muss would most definitely appreciate in his stocking, no requesting required.  

1.       Electric FW02.SS watch – $475

Not too flashy, not too "Pharmacy Special", this piece of wrist candy is just the right amount of stainless steel swag.

2.       Telstra Pulse T790 – from $49

Perfectly pocket sized and not too complicated to figure out, text and tweet from. 

3.       Le Specs Bowie Sunglasses – $59.95

Gotta love a man who wears pink. 

4.       Burberry suit – $POA

For the love of marshmallows, men, please if you're going to wear a suit, go designer and get it tailored. A good two (or three) piece is a better investment than anything floating around on the ASX at the moment.

5.       Little Bird Organic Paw Paw Balm - $4.50

Men who look after their lips get more action, it's a scientific fact* (*may not be a real fact, but it's true).

6.       Polo Red EDT - 30ml - $80, 100ml - $110, 125ml - $160

Just because he's a no fuss kind of guy doesn't mean his fragrance can't be a little complex. Grapefruit + saffron + redwood = deliciously mysterious.

7.       Country Road Whale Print Board Short – $69.95

Whales are the new puppies and European cuts are the new boardies. Just do it.

8.       Country Road Flynn Leather Thongs – $69.95

Never worry about busting a "double plugger" again. 

9.       Ray Ban leather Wayfarer wrapped in leather - $349.95

One way to get people to stop wondering if your Ray Bans are from Kuta? Wrap them in leather. 

10.   Bulldog Face Scrub – $9.99

Summer elements, which include, but are not limited to - sand, big nights on the beers, beards and sunscreen, need to come off. Scrubbing once or twice a week is the only way to keep it fresh. 

This gift guide was brought to you by Telstra.

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