The Boys from ‘Girls’ get the Terry Richardson treatment

The Boys from ‘Girls’ get the Terry Richardson treatment

Famed photographer and the creep fashion continues to crawl back to, Terry Richardson, has photographed the Girls male retinue for an upcoming feature with GQ Style magazine.

Hannah’s gay ex – who once made out with Marni – Elijah (Andrew Rannells) looks predictably effeminate, Adam (Adam Driver) is his super cute dippy self, and Charlie (Christopher Abbott), as always, needs to lighten up. Ray (Alex Karpovsky) needless to say, remains the deservedly smug legend he is on camera - especially after teaching Shoshana the way!

If none of the above drivel makes sense to you, it’s high time you get on the Girls bandwagon. The show’s inaugural season premiered this year and its subsequent chapter will hit airwaves on January 13, 2012. The semi-autobiographical show, created by It Girl writer-comedian Lena Dunham, follows a group of twenty-something girls as they lead their overlapping and highly dysfunctional lives in New York City. Don’t let the the Uncle Terry-esque thumbs ups in the above shoot deter you.

All images via Terry Richardson’s Diary.

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