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Harry Benson’s candid shots of cultural icons

Harry Benson’s candid shots of cultural icons

Harry Benson is a Scottish born photographer, who has been famous for snapping cultural and political happenings and and history's principal figures ever since he was assigned to travel with The Beatles on their first American tour in 1964. Renowned for photos that paint their subject in a very candid light, Benson has contributed photos to Life, Vanity Fair, People and The New Yorker. He has also photographed every US President since Eisenhower, covered war zones, been granted very intimate access to the lives of cultural game-changers and put together numerous books. 

This gallery of his work comes from a selection housed over at Flavorwire, who has them courtesy of Staley-Wise Gallery, New York. Stately-Wise is currently hosting an extended exhibition on Benson—you can check out more of his work by clicking here

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