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Controversial Photography of Mexico’s Rich Girls

Controversial Photography of Mexico’s Rich Girls

In 2002, Daniela Rossell released a series of photos entitled Ricas y Famosas (“rich and famous”). The subjects of the photos are Mexico’s richest young females, predominantly the daughters of politicians and businessmen who make up the country’s wealthiest 1%.

Irrevocably 90s tinged, the photos depict a world that’s totally over the top in its lavish gradeur and luxuriant sheen. Girls recline almost comically among swathes of fabric, pose in front of murals with grotesquely kitsch sculptures, or sit casually beside stuffed animals. Aside from displaying a fairly unique insight into the “ideal” Mexican aesthetic of the 90s, the photos are interesting for the amount of criticism these young women received as a result of the shoot, who became labelled as “poster girls for corruption”. The women depicted and the lavishness of their lifestyle are certainly easy targets in a country rife with systematised corruption and instability, particularly when they are so willing to display their wealth so flagrantly.

All images: Daniela Rossell


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