Andy Warhol goes online at Christie's

It seems like the heated hands-up-or-phone-a-friend auctions of old could be on their way out, with New York City auction house giant Christie’s moving into the 21st century with its latest auction of works by Andy Warhol.

About 125 paintings, photos, drawings and prints from the pop art god will be offered in an online-only auction, a first for Post War and Contemporary art sales at the auction house which was established in 1766.

You can view the works online prior to the sale, bid on the site, and receive updates by email or phone if your bid is exceeded. We expect the messages will say “shit, he’s just outdone us by two grand” or “SOLD to the man in, um, what are you wearing? ;) I mean :)”

Yeah, not quite the same. But crucially, the auction, held in a partnership between Christie’s and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts which began last year, also potentially opens up the collection to a much wider audience of would-be buyers…like you and me.

The inaugural Andy Warhol at Christie’s live auctions in New York in November last year hauled in a total of $17 million.

It should probably be noted that the chance to have a Warhol on your wall will cost from $US600 ($575) to around $US70,000.

The week-long cybersale runs from 10am EST on the 26th of February to the 5th of March. So uh, time to crack open the piggybank?

Read more about it here.

Image from I Love Your Kiss Forever Forever by Andy Warhol, ©The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, via Christie'

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