Top 10 most OTT looks from Bridal Fashion Week

Top 10 most OTT looks from Bridal Fashion Week

New York Bridal Fashion Week has just wrapped up, leaving its predictably squealing legion of bridal editors (and all those who continue to capitalize on the monogamy-enthused) with a range of new styles causing insecurity amongst bridezillas everywhere because – OMG – Vera Wang has decided that, after two white-free seasons, colourless dresses are back.

The main trends from the shows this year were illusion necklines, long-sleeves and lace overlays, but really, where’s the fun in relaying the classiest, most nuanced nuptial conceptions when designers this year brought things like mermaid tails, tulle and diamantes (!!!!!) to the party. Enjoy our Top 10 most OTT looks from this year’s BFW in the gallery above, ready for you to clip up on your inspiration board. 

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    Tuesday 16 Oct 2012 - 5:58 PM
    As some one getting married I can honestly say; no, no, no, God no, why would anyone want to wear that?
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