The 20 Most Popular Frocks of 2012

The 20 Most Popular Frocks of 2012

This is neither a ‘Who Wore It Best’ or a ‘Bitch Stole My Look’ feature (we’ll leave the judgements to weekly glossies/ Joan Rivers) but rather a quick recap of the most popular dresses to grace the red carpet over the course of 2012. Though capes, Kenzo and pastels were a few of the prime fa-shun looks to recur on the runway-emulating bloggeratti this year, metallics, embellishments, body-con and bright colours remain the eternal favourites of actresses (A- and D-list alike) and other celebrities of the tabloid-baiting variety, because being in the spotlight, essentially, is about looking hot—directional is a welcome, albeit rare, windfall. 

Dolce and Gabanna's sumptuous fruits, Romani florals and dark flowing lace were probably the most popular picks for the A-list. In essence Dolce and Gabanna make gowns that leave women looking spectacularly proportioned, but they still retain enough fashion clout to feel high end. Ellie Saab's delicate embellished creations were also the fantasy choice for many starlets, including Taylor Swift and half the Oscars. While his creations tend not to be repeated, they all feel a little the same, albeit lovely.

Another winner was Stella McCartney. On the back of her work with Kate Winslet, every actress wanted in on her mesh cutaways. Meanwhile young guns Peter Pilotto with their magic-eye, magically slimming prints dominated Hollywood's bright young things.  

When you see stars at separate, (especially semi-casual) events in the same outfits, it's usually because - and this is shocking, I know - they actually bought the clothes themselves.

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