The 10 Best Dressed Men of 2012

When it comes to Top 10 charts and Best Dressed lists, men are often neglected, which is shame since we should really remember to honour the very few male celebrities who actually dare to step outside of the comfort zone of nondescript suits and hoodies. This one’s for you, gentlemen: The 10 Best Dressed Men of 2012.

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10. Kanye West

He doesn’t always get it right, but at least he makes an effort. Kanye West should never ever be allowed to dress his girlfriend (just say no, Kim) but while his forays into designer showpieces were often more tacky than tasteful, Kanye had a few hits in 2012. I, for one, thought he looked positively spiffy in that Givenchy kilt.


9. Brad Pitt

Some of us are still wondering if the shirt he wore in his Chanel ads was in fact Chanel, but Brad Pitt looked every bit as impeccable in it as he did in everything else he wore this year. It certainly doesn’t hurt to get by with a little help from a friend, especially when that friend is Tom Ford, and Brad never got it wrong. His layered white and sandy Jack Nicholson look for the London screening of Killing Them Softly was swoon-worthy.


8. Douglas Booth

When it comes to stylish young actors, your regular blogger would fly the flag for Ryan Gosling and your more conservative list-maker would go for Eddie Redmayne, but my bet for the red carpet rebel star of the future (sorry, had to) is young Douglas Booth. Whether it was his off-duty Navajo-print Louis Vuitton shirt at the Audi International Polo cup in July, or his wide-lapelled Tom Ford dinner jacket at the Olivier Awards in April, Mr Booth spent 2012 proving he’s definitely a contender in the Best Dressed department.


7. Erdem Moralioglu

Granted, it’s a bit unfair to include designers in this list (although God knows some of them could step up their personal dressing game), which is why I’ve only chosen one – and one who doesn’t do menswear, mind you. Whether he was wearing the evening’s most pristine black tie look at the British Fashion Awards or a dusty blue knitwear getup at the Vogue Festival, in 2012 Erdem proved that the seamless elegance of his womenswear translates rather smoothly into his own wardrobe, too.


6. Macaulay Culkin

It’s been a tumultuous year for Macaulay Culkin and his diehard fans (of which there are many – us 90s kids know about loyalty), but he came back swinging. When Mac was papped Christmas shopping in his bitchin’ Edward-Furlong-circa-1992 jeans, humongous leather boots, tight black jacket, wayfarers and awesome hat this December, he reminded everyone who’s the coolest kid in town. It’s good to have you back, sir. I bow low.

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