Ten Ways Destiny’s Child Changed Fashion

Ten Ways Destiny’s Child Changed Fashion

This week Beyoncé was crowned queen of the universe, and thanks to that exceptionally Bootylicious routine followed by the best medley since Grease, her performance has already gained iconic status. And look, besides all the leather-bound fun, we were all just happy to see Michelle on stage again.

Despite our overflowing nostalgia for the group’s irrefutable contribution to music, inimitable work ethic and relentless commitment to teaching young women the meaning of R-E-S-P-E-C-T, we were reminded that the girls' formative fashion choices – always bold, always bedazzled – left more than a little to be desired, even in a late nighties/ early naughties context.

The famously matching Tina Knowles-birthed stage gear became the group’s occasionally traumatic trademark. Though now we think of those audaciously clad, always upstanding young women as seminal cultural visionaries, wearing yellow doilies embroidered over sheer black spandex was never a well thought out choice. 

On face value, Destiny’s Child’s notorious bandaged bodices, glittery wrap skirts and culturally-insensitive sari-inspired dresses had, even at the time of wear, about as much cultural longevity as a VMA ceremony (the one where Madonna and Courtney love got into a fight not withstanding).  But an extensive trawl through archival Destiny’s Child images (I felt like reminiscing yesterday, ok?!) reveals that the impudently gleaming outfits worn by Queen Bey and her glorified back-up dancers spawned – or, at the very least, inspired – many of today’s prime runway trends.

2012’s baroque/ hip-hop-ulent ASOS-favoured trend, the inexorable white-on-white blogger cliché and even those spectacular (if a little overdone) Isabel Marant cowboy booties may have had their roots in Destiny’s Child’s questionable trimmings.

Understandable if you’re still skeptical, but click through the gallery above for unassailable proof that a young Beysus, Kelly and Michelle were, among many other great things, fashion oracles. 

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