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New York Fashion Week 2013 Street Style

New York Fashion Week 2013 Street Style

Although New York Fashion Week took place over a week ago (ain't time fly in the world of fashion?!), we're still getting kicks from these street style snaps, which come to you straight from New York's mean (or perhaps more aptly, freshly autumnal) streets.

Given the now rampant culture of blogging and snapping street style, it's interesting to query if the outfits featured on our favourite blogs are really as original and nonchalantly pulled together as we'd like to imagine, or more today's billboards and broadsheet advertisements in their subtle featuring of sponsored pieces, as claimed by Ruth La Ferla in her article for the International Herald Tribune. Although the celebrity status of many bloggers and their certain pull power inevitably means that many labels will seek to capitalise on this (and certainly do), we'd like to think that there's still a little bit of individualistic consideration, idiosyncratic touches still exist, and that some looks remain unapologetically slapped together as a perfect expression of a wearer's personal style. 

(Images via Imaxtree)

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