Is Roberta Armani the world’s most sensible dresser?

Is Roberta Armani the world’s most sensible dresser?

This year fashion month kicked off with a story condemning the ‘circus’ of the industry while praising fashion’s black crow girls, the ones who lined up outside Yoji Yamamoto shows in the nineties draped in layers of darkness.

The story finished with some praise for the French - Emmanuelle Alt,  Virginie Mouzat and Ludivine Poiblanc - who wear fabulous coats with elegant trousers and heels of a realistic height.

While the debate over who is eccentric and who is just an attention seeker is playing out across some of the most respected blogs in the world, we thought it was worth a moment to turn away from all the media watching and look at someone whose branding is as transparent as her surname – Roberta Armani.

Giorgio Armani’s niece has been a fixture of the house since she was 16 years old, and she wears it very well.

There’s a lot to be said for studied effortlessness, or the artfully spooky, but Roberta’s style takes a different path. She is polished – glossy curls, a chignon or a bouncy blow dry – and classically Italian.

Like her uncle’s brand, her style is somewhat conservative. She favours knee length skirts and dresses, and usually opts for black. Her taste in fabric is opulent and, thanks to tightly fitted, feminine jackets, often worn over shirts buttoned all the way up, she has a hint of the Victorian mourning about her.

We were particularly taken with her multi-textured all black ensemble at the recent Giorgio Armani and Luxottica party in Milan, but as you can see from the gallery, that look was by no means a once off.

What is so interesting about Aramni's style is that even though she favours skirts and dresses, there's none of that 'young royal' girlishness about her. Unlike Duchess Catherine, she opts for grown-up, heavier fabrics over flirty, floating things. However, she is also sharp enough to avoid falling into the tailoring trap set by most female politicians and real estate agents. This is largely achieved by her choice of coats. They hit either high at the hip, or they're long. Never in the middle. 

One can also appreciate Armani’s outfits because they cheerfully accommodate a range of body types, and just as wonderfully, her heels are never treacherous. 

If you’re wondering what to channel next time you have a job interview, or a formal work function, think of this woman. 

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