Five Fashionable New Year's Resolutions

It's tempting to want to start a new year with an entirely new wardrobe, but before you start buying, it might be worth assessing what you have, what you want, and most of all, what you wish to change about the way you dress. 

Rather than frantically purchasing a few new high street, on trend outfits that will slot awkwardly into your existing cupboard and soon come to constitute the "nothing" you have to wear, you should perhaps focus on 'fixer' pieces, the kinds of garments and accessories that can singlehandedly make an outfit, and manage to go with anything. 

Sweaters can be pulled over your entire existing wardrobe, mid-heels will give your feet some reprieve and intense, ridiculous jewellery can be used to spruce up what you've already got. If this sounds an awful lot like you're grandmother's wish list, then you are dead right. 

Your grandmother has been alive a lot longer than you, and as a result, she knows what to buy, and how to dress. She has pieces in her wardrobe that have lasted longer than you've been alive, and it's time to start learning to shop like she does. With that in mind, here's what you should resolve to do.

5. Embrace a cancer free wardrobe

Late last year Greenpeace released a report suggesting that all of your clothes are full of carcinogens. This means if you've been paying the same amount  for your organic shampoo as you have for your t-shirts, the point is moot. If you must buy new clothes - especially basics - opt for organic and environmentally friendly labels, or better yet, go second hand.



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