Duchess Kate’s royal pregnancy style

Duchess Kate’s royal pregnancy style

And so it begins. All bow low! The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant. 

Yes, that’s right: someone went and had some princely sexy time abroad this autumn, which doesn’t just mean we’ll get a royal heir next year (thank heavens), but also that we’ll get to see a gazillion pictures of Kate holding on to the [probably miniscule, Kidman-esque] baby bump the media has been yearning for since Her Royal Highness and her big blow-dry first graced the tabloids. 

With an in-the-spotlight pregnancy comes a pregnancy makeover, and no such makeover will mean more to maternity trends (I can’t believe I just wrote those words) than our girl Kate’s. 

Of course, before news of the pregnancy hit the media, the royal hormones had already set in and last week, the Duchess debuted the first chapter in the fashion epic that will no doubt be her regal pregnancy. 

Either one has just discovered the 1970s, or perhaps one has just been watching a lot of Keeping Up With The Kardashians lately (I like Khloe’s hair a lot, too), because the party décor princess stepped out in full Bianca Jagger – token curly new fringe and jade bishop sleeve dress in tow. 

What a milestone for the Duchess, who’s hasn’t seemed to touch those sacred locks since she first hit the pages of the British tabloids a few years ago. God save that new baby prince/princess! 

But more importantly, HRH is sending yet another very clear signal to world that she is one revolutionary queen in the making. 

In a royal sphere where any self-respecting European dauphine is going to great lengths to mimic the 1960s look of Jackie O, Catherine of Cambridge is decades ahead (if not light years). 

How appropriate it is for young royalty to look like a Studio 54 attendee circa 1976 is arguable, but Kate is certainly following the rigid example of individuality and self-assuredness she set from the beginning – even in pregnancy mode. 

When everyone and Vivienne Westwood were crying out for the removal of Kate’s thick black kohl, Kate laughed in their face (in a mock-aristocratic way, like “fafafafff”), and when everyone asked her to cut off those curtains, she spritzed a little extra Charles Worthington volumizer in just to spite us.

Say what you want about the Duchess and her questionable interpretations of royal dress code, but she obviously knows a thing or two about fashion. Could this new regal Farrah Fawcett pregnancy look be the beginning of a new 1970s-inspired royal era where Jenny Packham is replaced with Tom Ford, Emilia Wickstead is traded in for Saint Laurent, and – gasp! – the LK Bennetts are swapped for Jimmy Choos? 

Are we about to see HRH in some vintage 1970s Vivienne Westwood, or a classic YSL Le Smoking? And more importantly: what does it mean for stylish pregnant women around the world? Sarcasm aside, a 1970s look will certainly be more forgiving during a pregnancy than a streamlined 1960s look. So maybe there’s some wile in those protruding royal bones after all.

While my royalist convictions prohibit me from agreeing with any outfit that doesn’t look like something an American first lady would wear in the 1960s (or anything an actual princess would wear in any decade prior to that), I’m giving it up for the Duchess and her newfound Charlie’s Angels vibes (The Knocked-Up Years). 

If not for any other reason than that we’ll finally find a purpose for all that hair and all that tan and all that makeup. Work it while you can, Katie. 

Once that regal embryo starts growing, the blue blood will start flowing through your veins like never before and you’ll automatically transform into a sophisticated Jackie O clone. 

Mark my words. And while we try to picture what that will look like, let’s contemplate the celebrity pregnancy circus with pictures of Jessica Simpson. 

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