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Watch every 'Clueless' outfit in 60 seconds and a behind-the-scenes David Beckham video

Watch every 'Clueless' outfit in 60 seconds and a behind-the-scenes David Beckham video



You guys, Clueless is totally almost 18 years old (oh my god, I’m buggin’). Next year the 1995 Alicia Silverstone flick will legally be allowed to drink, which means it will probably start staying out too late, pashing total Barneys and waking up with hangovers – so you should relive the good times while you can with this 60 second mastercut of all of Cher’s outfits. What a Betty.





Just as we’d all finally stopped hyperventilating over those sexy H&M underwear commercials, David Beckham’s gone and done a shirtless, poolside shoot for British Elle – and landed himself the cover. Hand me my smelling salts! The soccer star is the first bloke to ever be featured on the mag’s cover, which either signifies a bold new trend in women’s publishing or is one more sign the magazine market is getting super desperate for sales. Either way – rroar.


Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Beck’s Elle shoot here.




Australia’s favourite pop princess Kylie Minogue turned 44 last week, and celebrated by releasing a new music video in which she looks totally hip and fashionable as usual. I couldn’t let her get away with that, so here’s a reminder of some of her least cool looks from the 1980s. I wonder why the “chambray shirt as dress” featured at 2.42 fad never caught on?





Unless you’re an ex-pat American or were a teenager in the 1990s when Michael Jordan was unofficial king of the world and “White Men Can’t Jump” was the best film you’d ever seen EVER, you probably don’t give much of a rats about the NBA – America’s national basketball league. I understand this. However there is something to be said for the sport’s marketing department, which this week released a video showcasing the fashion style of its major players. Who, coincidentally, are mostly buff, tall, hot guys that look excellent in sunglasses. Can you imagine doing this with the Australian cricket team? Nuff said.



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