Vogue pledges to use healthy models, all the latest Karl Lagerfeld news and more

Vogue pledges to use “healthy” models


The 19 editors of the global editions of Vogue have pledged to only work with "healthy" models. As part of the new Vogue-wide health initiative, editors will not “knowingly” use models under the age of 16, which means that the Gemma Wards, Lindsey Wixons and Karlie Kloss’ of tomorrow will have to wait a few years before starring in shoots. Casting directors will also be asked to check models' IDs at photo shoots, and "healthy backstage working conditions", including food options, will be encouraged.


The editors have also promised not to use models that appear to have eating disorders. Instead, they will work with girls that “promote a healthy body image”. Presumably this means we’re going to see a greater variety of shapes and sizes in the magazine. The editors are also encouraging designers "to consider the consequences of unrealistically small sample sizes of their clothing, which limits the range of women who can be photographed in their clothes, and encourages the use of extremely thin models".


Anna Dello Russo for H&M


Anna Dello Russo, editor of Vogue Japan, has collaborated with H&M on an accessories range. Slated to hit stores in October, the range is being touted as a celebration “of excess, fantasy and decoration” — a no brainer, really; we would expect no less from a woman with a penchant for bling, baubles and wearing fruit on her head. Expect gold and turquoise pieces, as well as jewel-encrusted clutches and snake-shaped bangles. “I wanted to create precious accessories that are impossible to find,” Dello Russo said in a press release. “As a stylist, I know accessorization is essential; it is the personal touch in any outfit. With these pieces, everybody can have fun, and turn an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day.”


Ashton Kutcher does his best Karl Lagerfeld impression


No, Karl Lagerfeld hasn’t signed on to promote another food/drink product now that Gaultier’s stolen his Diet Coke crown. What you’re actually seeing is Ashton Kutcher playing “Darl”, one of five “bachelors” in a Pop Chips ad campaign that spoofs online dating sites. Kutcher does a pretty good job at being the Kaiser. He has the outfit sorted — sunglasses, black leather gloves, grey hair slicked back in a ponytail — but as Fashionista points out, he probably needs to work on his austere demeanour.


Karl Lagerfeld in a mankini, Alexa Chung has a “sexy” dream


Fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez was once a close friend of Karl Lagerfeld’s, so it’s unsurprising that the new biography about Lopez features pictures of Lagerfeld back in his — yes, seriously — bodybuilding days. Lagerfeld looks tanned and toned in his outfit of choice: a mankini.

In a possibly related incident, Alexa Chung had a dream this past week, which she felt the need to tell the Twittersphere about: “Whoa I just had a strange (sexy) Karl Lagerfeld dream. I don’t want to talk about it.” She deleted the tweet a few minutes later, but to borrow the wise words of Amy Odell from BuzzFeed: “Dear celebrities: if you delete things on the Internet they never really go away.”


Man Repeller Leandra Medine spoofs Lana Del Rey


Introducing “Lean Del Ra”, aka the always-hilarious Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, parodying Lana Del Rey. Medine’s spoof of Del Rey’s “Video Games” clip is just as grainy and lo-fi as the original, and sees Medine in a Theysken’s Theory shift dress pouting and blank staring like it’s nobody’s business. As well as writhing on the floor, stroking a teddy bear and generally gesticulating with heart-felt conviction, Medine finds time to spread a helluva lot of cream cheese on a piece of matzoh. “Spreading cream cheese on matzah…was just the kiss of Jew I think the video needed, you know,” Medine told Fashionista. We wholeheartedly agree.

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