Updates on Christopher Kane for Balenciaga

While the Internet’s been going a blither over the last 24 hours over the news that Christopher Kane has been appointed as creative director of Balenciaga, new updates have emerged which fine tune the original reports.

Although the initial news break came direct from French publication Le Nouvel Observateur, TheCut was quick to point out that no source was cited for the news, and re-emphasised that Balenciaga CEO Isabelle Guichot did tell WWD that a name would be announced by the house “as soon as we are ready”.

More recently, Elle.fr spoke with Balenciaga, who denied that Christopher Kane would be arriving on December 1, and said that no decision had been made. Additionally, a spokesperson for the designer told WWD that “Rumours surrounding Christopher Kane’s appointment as creative director of Balenciaga are unfounded”.

In other words, like most well-founded rumours, everyone is keeping their cards close to their chest and no one seems particularly forthcoming with anything more than very vague details. Given that the only position taken by anyone has been in affirmation of Mr Kane’s appointment (we don't really think that a dismissal of the rumours by Kane's spokesperson counts), there’s probably a well-founded reason for all this simmering excitement. You know, where there’s smoke there’s fire, etcetera etcetera. 

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