The Queen wants Kate to dress like less of a hussy in Australia

As we've all long suspected, the Queen thinks Kate Middleton's wardrobe isn't regal enough and needs a jolly good sophistication bomb, reports Vanity Fair.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William (and possibly their little bubbala Prince George) are coming to Australia in April, and it is panic stations on the apparel front as the Queen issued some discreet edicts about the Duchess' choices of dress.

Kate will apparently need up to four outfit changes per day, for the entirety of her three and a half week tour. She's been advised she needs to lower the hemlines of her day dresses, stay away from girly florals and bulk up on the jewellery. The Queen has encouraged, nay practically shoved, Kate in the direction of her personal jewel collection and said “take whatever you want” in the hope the young royal will replace the plastic ‘bad bitch’ choker she favours for something more recherché.

The Queen’s personal dresser Angela Kelly is accompanying the Duchess and has already started “selecting jewels” which may include a diamond and ruby hibiscus flower brooch which was given to the Queen Mother by Australia in 1958, and a Golden Wattle brooch encrusted with yellow and white diamonds, our gift to the Queen in 1954 during her Coronation Tour. Also, there's to be tiaras.

Don't expect Kate to get all Maggie T on us with the twin sets though - it's rumoured that quite a number of the Duchess’ favourite designers are creating one-off pieces just for this trip, including Alice Temperley and Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

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