Seeing Double: Introducing You To Australia's Brightest Blog

Seeing Double: Introducing You To Australia's Brightest Blog

Whites. Blacks. Neutrals. Directional basics.

Sound familiar? Overdone? Kanye West’s brief to Kim in attempt to transform her from style-less to stylish?

Australian fashion at the moment is all about refined minimalism and sports luxe as home-grown high-end labels have taken a dramatic swing from soft prints to sharp cuts ever since Christine Centenera was elected the country’s queen of fashion.

Melbourne sister blogging act, Stef and Jess Dadon, would, however, have you believe otherwise.  

The tall, tanned and nowhere near tamely-clad forces behind the new How Two Live website have created what appears to be a livid reaction to the thin-ringed, ankle-strapped, digitally-rippled tendencies that have steadily dominated the local blogosphere and the country’s wider trendcast over the last few seasons.

Their lifestyle site, which is primarily fashion focused – “We don’t like to think of How Two Live as a strictly fashion blog as we’re just writing about our daily lives” – has garnered attention around the world for its rowdy mix of audacious prints and arrant accessories.

“We always laugh when people tell us that dressing in colour is our thing, because that’s never something we’ve been known for. Somehow as the blog’s progressed, our fashion has become crazier and crazier,” the girls tell us.

Their blog, which launched mid-2012, posts almost daily, and the entries typically feature one or both of the sisters (press and readers alike have understandably mistaken them for twins) donning an array of seventies-inspired ensembles, a mixture of high-long separates and the occasional flared garment.

Alongside their unpredictable styling, How Two Live incorporates recurrent signatures – Perspex bags and platform shoes are accessory-regulars.

Conspicuous graphics, gleaming metallics and tactile fabrics also repeatedly make the How Two Live cut, with the project developing an almost experimental element. For the Dadon sisters, teaching people how to dress has never been their objective, they see their site as cyber “entertainment” – even though “it is always flattering to hear when we’ve given people fashion inspiration too.”

Their extremely compelling photography venture cites the Olsen Twins, Anna Dello Russo, and Rainbow Brite as prime influences, and the girls believe that the success of their own blog, much like that of their muses, lies in having a distinct dynamisn, “having two of us definitely gives [How Two Live] a point of difference. And then there’s that crazy-over-the-top-anything-goes style of ours [that] stands out from a lot of other bloggers.”

What also sets them apart is their – intended or not – emphasis on high-street wear. ASOS, Minkpink, Topshop and Sportsgirl are regular fixtures on the site, as are bargain vintage finds teamed with the intermittent costly items.


“We have always worn more ‘high-street’ labels than anything else, just because it allows us to be fashion forward without having to spend crazy amounts of money on our clothes. We also love changing our styles daily so rather than investing in a few pieces we like to spread it out over as many items as possible,” they explain, which, though logical enough, has become a muted viewpoint in an industry that credits “investment” dressing.


In terms of their future plans, the girls will visit Sydney for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in March, and plans to go to Paris and Tokyo are in their embryonic stages. In terms of content, they assure us that “nothing’s off limits!” as the two also have a keen passion for food. Perhaps adorned multi-coloured eclectic taco cakes are on the horizon... or not.


Click through the gallery above for a selection of How Two Live’s always beautiful and mostly outrageous looks. All images via How Two Live. 

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    They look pretty ridiculous. So, pretty standard for the blogosphere, really. All trying to out-freak each other. Meh.
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