Russh is 50! See the cover of every issue

Russh is 50! See the cover of every issue

What are magazines for if not glittery escapism and the transmittance of stories?

This month, RUSSH magazine celebrates another medium that delivers those same leisurely forms of retreat, as its monumental 50th issue is dedicated to all things cinematic, “not just the power of film” but also storytelling as a wider art form.

With part-punk, ninja-esque beauty Marie Piovesan and the re-contextualized cliché “Now Showing” emblazoned on the magazine’s cover, the content inside is dense with features on “auteurs, actors, writers, performers and image makers of all incarnations,” says RUSSH Editor In Chief, Jess Blanch.

“We’ve explored the honesty of a documentary to the manufactured perfection of Hollywood, revisited and revered the classics and made way for the mavericks and renegades of tomorrow and those scripts still in the making. And through it all, we’ve celebrated what it is that makes someone watchable. That special something about someone you can’t take your eyes off and what you want to capture as a memory forever,” Blanch continues.

The glossy title’s beauty section is thus appropriately attended to, with the local and ever-striking Bambi captured by Stephen Ward, alongside an examination of iconic filmic moments within.

Features on photography great Bert Stern, Jessica Biel (well, Timberlake), Oliver Edwin and Gracie Otto also fill the pages of this significant issue, which hits stands today.

In the attached gallery, for your viewing pleasure, is a retrospective of every RUSSH magazine cover ever. Because, why not? Bask in the beauty above. 

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