Ksubi AW13: A Royal Affair

Ksubi AW13: A Royal Affair

Shot in the expanse of an elegant chateau just out of Paris, Ksubi has gone more luxe than laissez-faire with its AW13 collection.

Christened “AD/BC”, the range is a delicately crafted alloy of “religion, infatuation and a poisonous fate”.

The combined powers of photographer Darren McDonald, top model Montana Cox and the seminal stylist, Christine Centenera, has kept a distinctly Australian flavour in a decadent European atmosphere of “royalty, heroism and the streets”.  

Popular motifs include a crown engulfed by flames, and extravagant digital prints from Achim Bednorz's photographic portfolio - intricately sculpted interiors of baroque cathedrals dripping with gold gives a new meaning to 'statement' fashion.

The women’s line drips with confidence and elegance too, treated to rich embroidery in black, gold and royal purple.

Chunky gold zippers adorn this season’s denim, the original star player and the most relaxed avenue of the ready-to-wear, revived in classic mid blues and baggy cuts. (They’re beautifully worked into the leather, too, which is also seen imbued with striking panels of studded silver.)

Also, let's not overlooj those little crosses we have become so acquainted with inverted and elevated to twisted, glorious religious icons.

No matter what century this is - 16th or 21st - it’s enough to make you feel like royalty, or at least, a [Bondi born] God amongst men...

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