Kanye West's History of Cross-Dressing

Kanye West's History of Cross-Dressing

You know what they say: no one man should have all that feminine clothing — especially if you earn a crust rapping about bad bitches and wack n*ggas, right?

Wrong, this is Kanye West we’re talking about, and darned if his fashion sense can’t be as out there as he is outspoken.

In his performance at the “12/12/12” Hurricane Sandy Benefit concert, the Givenchy leather skirt Kanye wore — along with leather pants, a black hoodie and gold chains — very nearly stole the show if the public response was anything to go by.

Some who were less familiar with the hip-hop fashion plate mused if he’d had fashion advice from Kim (who tweeted “Awwwwwwww I'm so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!” when he took to the stage).

Jared Leto claimed he was biting his edgy skirt style, gloating via Twitter, “I admit it. Kanye borrowed my skirt.”

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the skirt itself now has its own Twitter account.

But it’s hardly the first time Yeezy has engaged in cross-dressing.  The Givenchy skirt first featured in the film clip for “N*ggas in Paris” and was a regular on stage during his US Watch The Throne tour with Jay-Z (who you’d be hard pressed to imagine wearing a skirt).

His no-doubt-expansive wardrobe also contains another Givenchy skirt, in white cotton; a mint green Acne women’s sweater; a silky grey “belly shirt” (the male equivalent of a midriff top?), and a kaftan-style shirt by Celine seen on the runway in 2011.

This is a guy who knows his Dior Homme from his Dior Homie, as a front row regular at fashion shows around the globe. In 2010 he told GQ, "I like being the sore thumb. I like being the dude in the red suit in a white room."

It could also be worth noting that this is someone who likes to get introspective on the word “bitch” from time to time; maybe Kanye’s sartorial exploration of his feminine side shouldn’t surprise us. But does he really need an explanation? He’s Kanye West.

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