Kanye West designing womenswear line with Louise Goldin

Kanye West designing womenswear line with Louise Goldin

Kanye West really, really loves fashion. Ricardo Tisci designed one of his album covers, he handed Pheobe Philo her award at the CDFA's, he regularly attends fashion shows (even ones he's not invited to), he's made shoes with Louis Vuitton and even flirted with the idea of interning for Fendi.

West's interest in the industry is no shallow obsession with luxury goods and the status they denote, the man seems genuinely enraptured. Over the weekend came further proof of this, as Central Saint Martins professor Louise Wilson confirmed to The Guardian that West has been working on a clothing label with respected emerging British fashion talent Louise Goldin.

West and Goldin have reportedly been working together in London and Paris, although it's suggested that the label, which will be primarily womenswear focused, will launch during New York Fashion Week.

Goldin has apparently been wanting to relocate her own label into the American market for some time now, and she has not had a runway presentation for two seasons.

Goldin's style focuses on strong, graphic lines and space aged knits, and has proved popular with touring musicians - in particular Rihanna, who The Guardian suggests was the one that first introduced West to her work.

Wilson praised West's commitment to fashion, commenting that, "I can confirm that Kanye has been to visit me twice at Saint Martins and we have briefly discussed this collaboration. His visit was in part to employ interns for his label, and it's important to mention that he's supported our fashion school and made an immediate donation to Saint Martins, which perhaps further demonstrates his passion for the industry.

"I've known him for two years now and he's incredibly knowledgeable about fashion, he's a global phenomenon and a very interesting person. I think we can expect a well-considered collection, you wouldn't expect less from a pair of professionals and I warn against dismissing it in haste. There are those who might assume Louise will be doing all the work and Kanye is just the face, I don't believe this will be the case – he researches thoroughly and is hands on and committed to his work.

We have never rejected him from our fashion course at Saint Martins, because he has never applied. But I suspect he would like to."

In the music business now, personally branded lines often far exceed the earning potential a star might have in their traditional field. It is through fashion and fragrance that Jay Z and Beyonce have built a large part of their empire, Jessica Simpson's licensing is worth over one billion dollars (despite her lacklustre career), and 50 Cent has made the bulk of his fortune through Vitamin Water. Launching a fashion line then, is a very savvy move for a man like West, but this one seems more like a labour of love - and therefore more likely to be of a high calibre - than a cash spinning exercise.

Via The Guardian
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