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Boy George it’s the Brit Awards!

By looking at the red carpet of the 2013 Brit Awards the guests were playing a game called “How to get noticed by the Daily Mail”, where the only rule is to look like an extra from The Only Way Is Essex: aka fugly and pedestrian. Tay Tay arrived looking like a slutty and smug black widow with her full-length black gown with thigh high slits while Harry went on the floral offensive and chose to accessorise his trademark pastel separates with a plastic carnation and cheesy grin. Lana Del Ray arrived looking like she’d just finished the school run in flats and a cut off trench dress. Boy George was the only one who made an effort by wearing a fedora and electric blue eye shadow which really brought out his crazy.   

Robin says "It's not you, or me"

Robin "only fashion writer ever to win a Pullitzer" Givhan isn't covering the shows this season. Instead she's working on her book about the Battle of Versailles (almost as dramatic as it sounds). This time off has given her a moment to reflect, and what she's found is that the fashion industry is crammed with frazzled, mewling school children playing pretend romance in the sand-pit. The process of 'dressing' is so infantilising, yet so strangely tender, that it produces false-closeness. "Through fashion, intimacy has been devalued, exploited, and even turned a bit toxic. It has become a marketing tool in which the personal and the professional are difficult to tease apart." She the adds "Nothing exacerbates this queasiness like runway shows." 

Krispy Wang

At a recent seminar in New York Vera Wang claimed she was the dumbest girl at her high school. Some would agree, considering she stabbed her brand in the eye when she wrapped the Kardashians in tulle for television thrills and she once wore two different coloured shoes to the White House. Moving on though, the ex figure skater has spoken about her next venture which sounds delicious. While Asia will be a big focus for her bridal business in the coming years she’s hoping to design an athletic line and then something for the confectionary aisle. “I do love donuts,” she said at the Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis event.

Ri Ri macks on with MAC

MAC are known for their celebrity capsule ranges but now Rihanna has signed on to produce four collections as an official “creative partner” in 2013. The collections will be sold in custom made pretty pink packaging with “Ri Ri hearts MAC” emblazoned across them and will feature lipsticks, glosses, powder blushes and eye shadow palettes. They are revamping the Ruby Woo lippy and calling it “RiRi Woo” which will be a more on trend deep plum. Finally a smart, strategic move for the singer who has been busy making sure everyone knows she has officially reunited with her lover – although no word yet if the collection will feature a heavy duty concealed perfect for those days when you have to cover up after a hard night of domestic violence. “Thanks to the EPIC team at MAC for giving me the opportunity to play and share my favourite shit with my fans and yours,” she posted on Instagram.

Pat Field’s Drag Ball Birthday

The flame haired stylist celebrated her 72nd birthday like any self-respecting senior citizen recently – surrounded by stunning drag queens, a flock of gorgeous gay men and a flower corsage bigger than her head. It’s a welcome return to the headlines for the (sartorial) star of Sex and The City. We last heard from her in late 2012 calling out Madonna for stealing her trademarked “Vogue” cap design. 

Cara Delevingne challenges Beyonce for the “Run The World” title

As if walking in every show of the recent international collections wasn’t enough Ms Delevingue is now a recording artist…of sorts. The model, who has been praised for her joie de vivre and hard partying ways, has recorded an a cappella version of I Want Candy for Love Magazine editor Katie Grand’s A/W 13 collection for Italian accessories brand Hogan.  In the video old mate Delevingue sings and claps while a gaggle of gorgeous things like her sister Poppy, Liberty Ross and Doutzen Kroes mime and dance along à la Vic Secret – but better.

Minnie Mouse’s couture costume

While designers are frantically busy dealing with pre-Oscars alterations, Alber Elbaz is chilling with Walt Disney’s sweetheart Minnie Mouse. In order to ensure the petty coat flashing rodent does not fall victim to the catwalk at the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the Lanvin designer has created a blue dress for her. Following the outcry over the 2012’s “slimmed down” version of Minnie there’s no word yet on what the dimensions of the heavily adorned and bejewelled dress will be before it goes on display at the celebrity fashion parade in Paris in March.

King Henry’s Princess Kate musings

Speaking out against Hilary Mantel’s controversial comments about Duchess Kate’s plastic, doll-like, breed machine existence. Henry Holland, he of slogan t-shirt fame, has stuck up for the stick thin princess. “We love Kate, she’s gorgeous, she’s a great ambassador for British fashion and the way that she chooses to wear not just established labels like Alexander McQueen but the way she also chooses to wear up and coming designers like Erdem and Christopher Kane. It’s really good that she acknowledges the talent that we have coming out of the UK and uses fashion in that way, she does great things for us,” the designer, fresh from runway jubilation, told “Michelle Obama was the first person to really showcase design talent and put it onto the world stage because she has that ability and I think Kate’s doing a similar thing which is great and very exciting.”

$10K for 60-minutes with Jenna Lyons

Got a spare $10K? If so Jenna Lyons – the keeper of the boyfriend jean and Coke bottle spectacles flame – wants to have a nosh. But only with the highest bidder of the new charity deal the J.Crew press and creative director is taking part in. The package includes a tour of J.Crew’s New York offices, a sneak peek at a catalogue photoshoot and a lunch meeting Lyons. The only catch is lunch will only be for an hour, the winner/most philanthropic has to find their own way to New York and, you better not be hungry, as the whole shebang could take up to a year to organise due to Lyons’ busy schedule.

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