Georgia May Jagger: "I’m not really that into trends"

Georgia May Jagger: "I’m not really that into trends"

It hadn’t even reached 9am on Wednesday morning and Georgia May Jagger’s mid-week Australian press junket was well underway. 

On the overcast start at Sydney’s harbour, the fifth member of Mick Jagger’s seven-child lineage breezed past me in a short cream and green Lisa Ho  printed twinset as I arrived for our early morning chat at Sunglass Hut’s temporarily moored floating store. “Hey!” she smiled in an almost whisper, strolling from the wharf on The Rocks into her hotel. 

It was at that moment I realised it would probably be inappropriate to fulfil my dad’s request of telling her that “if it wasn’t for her dad, you may not exist.” Gross.  

“We’re running early,” Jagger’s astonishing relaxed Australian publicist advised me, “Georgia’s just gone to get her phone.” 

The dockside mood was oddly calm given the mammoth level of celebrity myself, security and the small PR team were amongst, but in my chat with fashion’s gap-toothed belle du jour, I discovered Jagger’s unprecedented air of humility, and ineffably casual magnetism has this uncanny ability to put the crowd at ease. 

Flown to Australia on a Sunglass Hut promotional tour – the eyewear juggernaut for which Jagger is a global ambassador – Georgia May’s rockstar-supermodel pedigree was almost forgotten in our conversation. She bore absolutely none of the sense of superiority or entitlement you’d expect from Jerry Hall’s youngest cheekbone-iest daughter. If anything, she was unremittingly courteous, unassuming and a tiny bit shy. 

In her short-spanning, though already impressive career, the 20-year-old model has fronted campaigns for Rimmel, designed a debut line for Hudson jeans, covered some of the world’s most revered fashion titles (Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar), and is an avid photographer with a keen eye for design and an appreciation for art. 

How are you, Georgia? What have you been up to in Sydney?

I’ve been here for quite a few days, so I’ve already been to Bondi, Surry Hills, went to lots of nice restaurants. I’m doing the Bridge walk [climb] today after this, and we walked around town, went to the aquarium... we’re going to go to the zoo tomorrow I think.

How cool!


So how did the Sunglass Hut partnership come to fruition?

Well, they basically just called me and said that they wanted me to do not just one but several of the campaigns which is quite exciting, [being able] to work with one brand on more than one thing. A relationship develops over time, and it’s quite cool they do all the different stuff for the holidays – I think it’s quite fun!

What do they require from your end? Like what does being a brand ambassador involve?

Well I do the campaigns, and we’ve got the party later... this is the first event I’ve been to for Sunglass Hut though so I’m quite excited!

What are your favourite sunglasses shapes? 

Well I love the aviator; the new mirrored ones are really cool. But I love funky colours, I’m really into those round Miu Miu ones and the kind of cat-eye ones. 

How would you describe your personal style? 

I always find it quite hard to describe in one word, because sometimes it’s more feminine and girly, and other times it’s more tomboy, so I’d say it’s a combination of the two. 

Where do you draw your style inspiration from?

It can be anywhere really, I mean I don’t always draw inspiration from magazines and stuff like that. I always say just to invest in things that you really like and not just in things you think are stylish. [I like to look at] what other people are wearing, an old picture I’ve seen, something from my mum’s wardrobe or my sister’s wardrobe, but yeah generally I just buy things that I like, that are cool, and I base my outfit around them. 

What or who inspires you otherwise?

So many things! Lots of artists, Frida Kahlo is a big inspiration of mine. Lots of photographers – not only fashion photographers though – I love Helmut Newton, Sally Mann, a lot of that black and white [photography]. 

Who are your favourite designers – Australian and international?

I really like Lisa Ho’s stuff, I really like sass + bide, and internationally, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Ossie Clark.

What do you think are this season’s best trends?

Well like I said, I’m not really that into trends! [laughs]

Right, so you wouldn’t have an opinion on the season’s worth either?! 

I’m not sure – what are the trends? I’m sorry! I should know! I think good things to buy are always – well for winter – are good hats, jackets, leather jackets, great heels. You can never go wrong with stuff like that. I think the platforms are going out a bit, I think smaller heels are coming in. I mean, I’m not that into the kitten heel, but the ones I’m wearing today are like [that]... Are your boots Acne, by the way? 


I’ve got them too! In black and white – they’re the best! 

Thank you! You probably get asked this all the time, but has it been difficult carving your own way being the daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall? Do you feel that it’s more helped you or hurt you?

Well I always  say it’s a combination of both, because obviously some people like it, and some people don’t, so it kind of depends on who I’m dealing with really.

I read an interview with you from a while ago that said you hated the concept of ‘It Girls’ because they’re talentless. Do you get angry when people call you an ‘It Girl’?

Oh did I say that? [laughs] That was a bit rude of me! I just think it means that you don’t do anything. I guess that’s what it means. I don’t really understand what it means as a phrase though – I don’t know if it means you’ve got good clothes, so yeah, I don’t really understand it! 

What about today’s ‘famous for being famous’ culture? What do you think of reality TV and things like that?

I mean, I don’t really watch those shows so I don’t really think much about it. 

Fair enough. What have been some of the challenges over the course of your career?

I suppose early mornings! Travelling a lot, stuff like that. Getting used to moving around, having long days at work. It’s been really great though, so not many challenges. I suppose being shorter, I guess for me as a model that’s been challenging.

I think that kind of gives you a ‘thing’ though.

Yeah, I mean it’s nice, and my teeth as well. Like in the industry they’re opening doors to girls that look slightly different, because if everyone looked the same it would be quite boring. 

What are your plans for the future otherwise?

I’m just going to continue what I’m doing, hopefully do more photography, more art. I did design a range of jeans, and was quite inspired by that, so maybe I’ll do something like that again in the future. 

Lead image via Harper's Bazaar Australia. 

Sunglass Hut’s Floating Store has just dropped anchor in Darling Harbour and will stay there until February 2013.

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