Five tips to survive the Mardi Gras gracefully

Five tips to survive the Mardi Gras gracefully

It’s Mardi Gras season and as the night of nights approaches, final costume fixes and after party planning is being boiled down to a fine art. Our friends at Belvedere Vodka are getting amongst the gaiety and getting primped and prepped for their third annual “Make Believe” party Upstairs at the Beresford, at which local electropop four-piece Van She will person, and ex-Aussie Idol and current Leagally Blonde musical lead Rob Mills will host.

To help you navigate through the festivities – whether this be the party you attend or not – TheVine presents to you a survival guide as prepared by our favourite Drag Queen, Juanita Maneata.

Here are the five rules for surviving 2013’s prime Mardi Gras after party:

1. You can kiss and you can touch – thanks to DNA Magazine, there will be plenty of half-naked swan princes roaming around so make sure you find yourself one early and don’t let him go. Competition is fierce on Mardi Gras night.

2. Scream and Shout – In the words of our queen, Britney Spears “scream and shout and let it all out”. Sydney knows how to throw a sexy party so you better be ready to let it all out (on the dance floor of course).

3. Nip and tuck – Put on the spandex, hideaway those extra bits and slip into something sexy cause tonight is your night to shine brighter than a diamond.

4. Let’s play ball – with so many handsome performers (have you seen those Van She boys?!), ensure you bring your A-game and as well as your red, sequined dancing shoes!

5. Don’t bring shame on the family – when I was a little girl mi madre would say “Juanita, don’t you bring shames on the family”.  Remember boys and girls, nobody likes a drunk Drag Queen. Have fun but play safe.

On Saturday, Upstairs Beresford will be transformed into a Polish Winter Wonderland with bare-chested swan princes, specially commissioned ice sculptures and a dynamic line-up of live acts and performances. 2013’s Belvedere Vodka “Make Believe” party will be Belvedere’s biggest party yet with a special allocation of tickets reserved for the first 200 guests who RSVP here

All image via SMH.

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