Damien Hirst collaborates with The Row

In the latest in fashion-related news from the Olsen twins, The Row have most recently collaborated with contemporary artist Damien Hirst and to create a series of backpacks, exclusive to Just One Eye. Crafted in Italy out of black patent Nile crocodile leather, the collection is limited to a super exclusive 12 backpacks, each of which are completely individual and each with present a different manifestation of Hirst’s artistic sensibilities. Although some are adorned with the artist’s more conventional spotty designs, the ones that seem to be attracting the most attention are the pill backpacks which, in literal reinterpretation of Hirst’s famed pill artworks, features numerous multi-coloured prescription pill appliqués (specially created by the artist) sown all over the bags.

The only catch? Each backpack will set you back a hefty $55,000. Although the fact that these bags can be classified as “wearable art” may not quite justify the extravagant outlay required for purchase, the fact that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF just might...that is, should you have a spare $55K lying around and are feeling artistically inclined and/or particularly philanthropic.

Contrary to the price, the video used to publicise these babies is pretty fun and frivolous, and you can check it out below.  

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