Blogger tries to recreate 'Holocaust chic'

Blogger tries to recreate 'Holocaust chic'

Three years ago, easyJet was forced to pull 300,000 copies of its in-flight magazine due to a jolly eight-page article titled “A Quick Guide to the Chic Side of Berlin”.

The piece featured photos of models leaning against pillars of the city’s Holocaust Memorial and posing around the Jewish Museum.

"Berlin may not be a picture-perfect jewel … but it's a treasure trove for the culture vulture,” the text went. “No visit would be complete without exploring the testaments to the city's turbulent past, such as...the Jewish Museum and the Holocaust memorial." Chic, right?

It left the airline in hot water for obvious reasons – not least because the advertising team did not have permission to shoot in the Memorial – and apologising profusely.

A spokesman for the Foundation for the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe said, "We only give permission to projects that have a connection to the memorial, the Holocaust or some aspect of commemoration."

As if that whole episode never happened and we didn’t learn anything from it, fashion blogger Pelayo Diaz of has decided to create his own series of selfies in the same site dedicated to victims of the Holocaust.

As droolworthy as his Davidelfin biker coat is, his choice of location is unarguably tasteless.

“Hello from one of the top five most incredible places I've ever been,” he writes in his post.

“I wanted to visit The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe ever since it got inaugurated in 2005 and the wait was definitely worth it.

“I can't really describe how it feels to walk between concrete blocks trying to reach the sky but the good thing is that is that it doesn't make you think about the past, only the future, and that's something I love being involved with.”

Some fans have backed him up and empathised with him. “I’ve been there. I entirely agree with your impression,” one commented.

But many others tried and failed to understand his perspective – an unusual one given that memorials are generally created for the purpose of remembering the past, not the future.

One commenter wrote: “I like your blog - and you appear to be a positive person. So I don’t think you'll shut me down for asking reasonably asking, if your loved ones had been tortured and killed - honestly, how would you feel if I turned up in my best outfit for a cracking good photo op at their memorial?”

It wouldn’t be the first time fashion has gone beyond the boundaries of good taste. Kate Moss herself did a shoot for W magazine toying with religious symbolism – think latex nun habits and crucifixes as phallic symbols.

Actually, we’re not sure ‘chic’ is quite the word.

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