Beyoncé’s leaked Vogue cover

Continuing Beyoncé’s current status as Queen of All Things, the rumours that she would be fronting March’s “Power” issue of Vogue seem true, that is, if this image leaked by fan Twitter account BeyonceLite is to be believed.

In conformity with Vogue’s tendency towards conservative covers, the cover sees Bey looking poised and polished in black and white Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, with her hair styled into an elegant up-do. This cover forms a far cry from the singer’s other recently leaked magazine cover, namely her shoot taken for GQ when she was named by them as “The Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century”.

Arguably, this versatility to flit easily between men and women’s mags and still retain a relatively impenetrable private life greatly contributes to her appeal—that, coupled obviously with her tremendous talent. That being said, the publicity blitz surrounding Beyoncé is getting a bit tiresome: first GQ, then Obama’s inauguration, the over-hyped Super Bowl performance and now this.

Perhaps, as our dear Gen Rosen pointed out, they’re merely moves in her plan to cement her status as an icon: “I’m over being a pop star. I don’t wanna be a hot girl — I wanna be iconic”.

Someone should tell Bey she really needn't try so hard to work her way into the public's collective consciousness: we like her much more when she's just doing what she does best: 

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