American Apparel CEO accused of physical abuse

Notorious American Apparel founder and CEO Dov Charney has been sued by a formed employee for alleged physical violence. Michael Bumblis, a prior store manager, filed a lawsuit last week at a Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging that Charney attempted to choke him, rubbed dirt into his face and called him derogatory names.

Inevitably, American Apparel has denied the allegations. The company's lawyer, Peter Schey has commented on the matter, stating: “Michael Bumblis was recently terminated by American Apparel for reasons consistent with company policy". In his statement, Schey also referred to the mandatory arbitration agreement that all employees of American Apparel are required to sign, which sets out that all disputes will be settled in private and precludes people from bringing allegations directly to the courts. In what has now become a familiar counter-argument for the company, Schey has accused Bumblis of breaching this agreement, saying: "In addition to the conduct that led to his termination, Mr. Bumblis has also now violated his written agreement to arbitrate any disputes with the company."

This case forms the latest in a line of claims filed against Charney, who has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment against employees. The brand remains confident that these claims are groundless and “fully expect to win” the case. 

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