10 Valentine's gifts for him and her

10 Valentine's gifts for him and her

(Words: Eliza Goetze, Gifts compiled by Manisha)


Red Leather Gloves

If you’re any kind of a good boyfriend/girlfriend you should be there 24/7 to hold your girl’s hands to protect them from the cold. But for the times you can’t be there, some slick leather gloves will do the job – and they’re more stylish than you.

Phillip Lim Top

Go for something a little cute and kitsch like this luscious lip-emblazoned top, tell her "Your Kiss Is On My List (Of The Best Things In Life)" and dance around the living room to Hall & Oates. Heaps romantic.


They're French, they're sugary and she'll think that you're pretty sweet too.

Marc Jacobs Umbrella

Keep her out of the wind and the rain in style with a fresh floral patterned pocket umbrella (-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay). Be a gent and hold it for her.

Marc Jacobs Rollerball Perfume Trio

Perfume is an awesome gift because she'll think of you every time she wears it. These cute mini rollerballs will fit into her handbag or wallet.


Need we say more? They're cupcakes. You can't go wrong. The effort and love that goes into baking will earn you serious brownie points. Or just buy them and pretend you made them.

Love Heart Tea Lights

Light them up on Thursday night, put on some mood music and watch the magic. They even have instructions for you both written on them. Cheesy but perfect.

Upside Down Indoor Plant

Turn the traditional notion of flowers on its head - that will throw her.

Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

The only thing better than waffles is waffles shaped like symbols of your undying love. Don't wince when she stabs it with her fork.

Outliving, Sausage Dog Bookends

So much better than a real puppy. Real puppies require lots of attention and cleaning and they don't even hold up your books for you like this guy does.

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